Vietnam: Standard social support amount to increase to VND 360.000/month from July 1,2021

Below is one of the notable content specified in Decree 20/2021/ND-CP on social support policies for social protection beneficiaries, effective from July 1, 2021.

Standard social support amount serves as the basis for determining social benefits, financing adoption for care and nurture; financing for nurture in social support facilities and other social support amount.

Standard social support amount applicable from July 1, 2021 is VND 360.000 per month. (Currently, according to the provisions of Decree 136/2013/ND-CP, the standard social support amount is 270,000 VND/month)

Depending on balancing capacity of budget, increase rate of consumption rates and living conditions of social protection beneficiaries, competent agencies shall consider and increase standard social support amount accordingly; guarantee relation with policies on other beneficiaries.

Depending on socio-economic conditions in local administrative divisions, People’s Committees of provinces shall request People's Councils of provinces to guarantee that standard social support amount and social support amount applied in provinces are not lower than standard social support amount and social support amount prescribed under Vietnam's Decree 20/2021/NĐ-CP. People’s Committees of provinces shall request to guarantee other individuals facing difficulties not specified under this Decree benefit from social support policies.

In addition to new level of monthly allowance, Vietnam's Decree 20/2021/ND-CP also stipulates 6 forms of emergency support, namely:

(1) Food and necessity support utilizing state budget

(2) Financing for treatment cost for seriously injured individuals

(3) Financing for funeral cost

(4) Financing for house construction and repair

(5) Emergency support for children whose parents decease or go missing due to natural disasters, fire, diseases or other force majeure

(6) Support for job creation and production development

Note: Beneficiaries receiving social support policies applied to social protection beneficiaries according to Decree 136/2013/ND-CP shall be transferred to corresponding level and coefficient according to Decree 20/2021/ND-CP from July 1, 2021.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Decree 20/2021/ND-CP, effective from July 1, 2021, replacing Vietnam's Decree 136/2013/ND-CP.



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