Vietnam: Population collaborators' responsibility in providing contraception to each household

This is one of the responsibilities of population collaborators specified in Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT stipulating standards and duties of population collaborators in Vietnam.

Vietnam: Population collaborators' responsibility in providing contraception to each household (Illustration).

Specifically, in Article 3 of Vietnam's Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT stipulating the tasks of population collaborators, including

- Population collaborators, together with village health workers and other program collaborators in the area, are responsible for propagating and mobilizing on population work, hygiene and disease prevention, and primary health care for people in the area under their management.

- Directly propagate, mobilize, and advise on population for people in the area in charge.

- Provide condoms and oral contraceptives to each household in accordance with regulations; market, socialize, and socialize reproductive health care products; and provide family planning and population services in accordance with regulations.

- Check and monitor the maintenance and implementation of population content of households in the management area.

- Implement the regime of initial recording, data collection, and making periodical and extraordinary reports on the population according to current regulations; providing data for commune health stations; making diagrams and charts; and managing the number of households in terms of population in the management area.

- Preserve and use documents (books, report forms, etc.) related to assigned tasks.

- Attend the monthly population collaborator's meeting organized by the commune health station to reflect on the situation and report the results of population activities in the assigned area.

- Attend training courses organized by competent authorities.

- Detect and propose to commune-level population monitoring staff and staff of commune-level health stations the issues that need to be addressed about the population in the area under their management.

- Perform other population-related tasks assigned by the head of the commune health station or the chairperson of the commune-level People's Committee.

According to current regulations in Vietnam's Circular 05/2008/TT-BYT, population collaborators only perform eight tasks and are not required to provide condoms and oral contraceptives to each household. However, from March 10, 2021, which is the effective date of Vietnam's Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT, population collaborators must perform the above tasks.

In addition, population collaborators will also have the following benefits:

- Population collaborators are assigned to be in charge of work according to the village area, depending on the characteristics and actual situation of the locality, but ensure that each village has at least one population collaborator.

- The monthly allowance for population collaborators shall be decided by the Provincial People's Council and guaranteed by the local budget according to regulations.

- Each population collaborator is equipped with working tools, including: a communication bag, a portable speaker, a flashlight, a raincoat, and other tools suitable to local conditions and financial capacity.

- Typical population collaborators who have made active and enthusiastic contributions to population work are encouraged, rewarded, and honored to participate in regional and inter-regional competitions, conferences, and seminars to exchange working experiences.

Le Hai


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