Vietnam: Party members are strictly prohibited from giving Tet gifts to leaders at all levels in any form

This is a notable content of mentioned at the Directive No. 48-CT/TW in 2020 on the organization of Tet 2021 issued by the Central Committee of Vietnam on December 09, 2020.

Nghiêm cấm Đảng viên tặng quà Tết cho lãnh đạo các cấp dưới mọi hình thức, Chỉ thị 48-CT/TW

The Directive No. 48-CT/TW of the Central Committee of Vietnam clearly states that in order to well prepare the conditions to serve the people to welcome the new year 2021 and enjoy the spring, to welcome the healthy, safe and thrifty Tan Suu Lunar New Year, the Secretariat requested the Party committees, organizations, authorities, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations at all levels to focus on leading, directing and organizing the implementation of a number of following key tasks:

(1) Arrange officers and employees to be on duty for Tet, strictly implement Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control

- Strictly complying with regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, absolutely not being subjective or losing vigilance to epidemic risks; uphold the responsibility of the leader, ready to respond and direct drastically, synchronously and effectively measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in organizations, agencies, units, localities, businesses and organizations and community.

- Organizations, agencies, units and localities have specific plans, arrange officials and employees to strictly observe the regime of Tet duty, handle and solve promptly and effectively all tasks and arising situations, strictly implementing the information and reporting regime during the Tet holiday; not to affect the life and production and business activities of people and businesses.

(2) Implement social security policies, take care of people's lives during Tet

- Organizing visits and greetings for Tet to wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, families of martyrs, families with meritorious services to the country, and revolutionary veteran officials and Vietnam heroic mother;

- Taking care of policy families, people with meritorious services to the revolution, and people in difficult circumstances; poor households, people in areas affected by natural disasters, epidemics, deep-lying, remote areas, border areas, islands, ethnic minority areas, mountainous areas; workers, employees working in industrial parks, export processing zones, industrial clusters etc.

(3) Do not use the state budget to organize fireworks

The organization of fireworks to celebrate the new year 2021 and the Tan Suu Lunar New Year must be suitable to the conditions and capabilities of each locality, ensuring thrift, absolute safety and not using the state budget.

(4) Strictly fulfilling the responsibilities of setting an example of officials and party members

Do not visit and wish New Year's greetings to superiors and leaders at all levels; it is strictly forbidden to give Tet gifts to leaders at all levels in any form; do not go to pagodas or festivals if not assigned; do not use the state budget, vehicles, public property in contravention of regulations on festival activities, entertainment, etc.

(5) Stabilize prices during Tet, strictly handle commercial fraud

- Strengthen market forecasting and management, stabilize prices, ensure a balance between supply and demand of goods and services, and promptly meet people's consumption needs before, during and after Tet; detect, strictly and promptly handle all acts of commercial fraud, production and trading of fake goods, poor quality goods, speculation, hoarding, pushing the prices of goods to abnormally high levels to gain illicit profits.

- Actively plan to ensure sufficient means of transport of goods and public transport for people to travel smoothly during Tet. To do well in preventive medicine; closely inspect and supervise, ensure the work of food safety and hygiene, environmental sanitation, disease prevention and control.

(6) Maintain political security, social order and safety

- Strengthening measures to prevent and combat crimes, law violations and social evils; absolutely safe protection of key objectives, works, political, foreign, cultural - social events of the country.

- Strengthen patrol, control and ensure traffic order and safety; fire prevention. Strictly comply with regulations on production, import, storage, transportation, trading and use of firecrackers.

Party committees, government organizations, the Fatherland Front, and socio-political organizations seriously grasp and organize the effective implementation of Directive No. 48-CT/TW of the Central Committee of Vietnam.

Le Hai


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