Types of information technology industries activities in Vietnam

What are the types of information technology industries activities in Vietnam? - Van Thong (Binh Duong, Vietnam)

Types of information technology industries activities in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

1. What is the information technology industry?

According to Clause 9, Article 4 of the Law on Information Technology 2006, Information technology industry means a hi-tech econo-technical sector, which produces and supplies information technology products, including hardware and software products and digital information contents.

2. Types of information technology industries activities in Vietnam

2.1. Hardware industry activities in Vietnam

Specifically, in Clause 1, Article 8 of Decree 71/2007/ND-CP, Hardware industry activities include designing and manufacturing hardware products; assembling and processing hardware products; providing hardware industry services.

In there:

* Hardware products are of the following groups:

- Computers, network equipment, peripheral devices;

- Audio-visual electronic equipment;

- Electronichome appliances;

- Specialized electronic equipment;

- Communication-telecommunication and multimedia equipment;

- Electronic accessories and components;

- Other hardware products.

* Hardware services include the following:

- Counseling and support for customers to install hardware products;

- Distribution and circulation ofhardware products;

- Installation, repair, maintenance and warranty of hardware products;

- Import and export ofhardware products;

- Other hardware services.

(Clause 2, 3, Article 8 of Decree 71/2007/ND-CP)

2.2. Software industry activities in Vietnam

Software industry activities are activities of designing, manufacturing and supplying software products and services, including manufacturing packaged softwares, manufacturing softwares under orders or embedded softwares; processing softwares and providing software services.

* Software products include:

- System softwares;

-Application softwares;

-Utility softwares;

-Tool softwares;

- Other softwares.

* Software-services include:

- Administration, warranty and maintenance of operations ofsoftwares and information systems;

- Software quality counseling, assessment and evaluation;

- Software project counseling and formulation;

- Softwarevaluation counseling;

- Software technology transfer;

- System integration;

- Assurance of safety and security for software products and information systems;

- Distribution and supply ofsoftware products;

- Other software services.

(Article 9 of Decree 71/2007/ND-CP)

2.3. Content industry activities in Vietnam

According to Clause 1, Article 10 of Decree 71/2007/ND-CP, content industry activities include activities of manufacturing digital information content products and providing digital information content services.

In which:

* Digital information content products include:

- Textbooks, lectures and learning materials in the electronic form;

- Books, newspapers and documents in the digital form;

- Electronic games, including PC games, online games and mobile phone games; interactive TV games;

- Entertainment products in mobile or fixed telecommunications networks;

- Digital libraries, databases or dictionaries;

- Digital films, photos, music or advertisements;

- Other digital information content products.

* Digital information content services include:

- Distribution and supply of digital information content products;

- Entry, updating, search, storing and processing of digital data;

- Administration, maintenance and warranty of digital information content products;

- Modification, addition of utilities and localization of digital infonnation contentproducts;

- Distanretraining; distance health examination and treatment; and communication services provided in the network environment;

- Other information content services.

(Clause 2, 3, Article 10 of Decree 71/2007/ND-CP,)

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