To effectively control the assets and income of people with positions and powers in Vietnam

Please let me know if there are any directives related to the control of assets and income of people with positions and powers in anti-corruption work? – Ngoc Hoa (Dong Thap, Vietnam)

To effectively control the assets and income of people with positions and powers in Vietnam (Source: internet)

On October 3, 2022, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 890/TTg-V.I implementing tasks and solutions on the prevention and combat of corruption and negativity in the coming time. The Official Dispatch contains the following points:

Effectively control the assets and incomes of people with positions and powers in Vietnam.

Continue to promote the recent anti-corruption achieved results and lessons learned to strengthen the leadership, direction, and organization of anti-corruption work's implementation in the coming time; resolutely and persistently implement measures to fight, prevent, and repel corruption and negativity with greater political determination; act stronger, more decisively, and more effectively, focusing on tasks and main solutions as follows:

- Effectively control the assets and incomes of persons with positions and powers;

- Speed up the handling and settlement of serious and complex corruption and negative cases that are of interest to the public and that the Central Steering Committee for anti-corruption and anti-corruption is monitoring and directing.

- Tighten discipline and discipline; strengthen inspection, examination, investigation, and judgment enforcement; promptly detect, strictly and synchronously handle corrupt and negative acts; effectively prevent the situation of harassment and trouble for people and businesses; improve the efficiency of recovering corrupt assets.

- Review, select, and assign cadres with sufficient political courage and moral qualities to participate:

+ Provincial Anti-Corruption and Anti-Corruption Steering Committee;

+ Anti-corruption and anti-corruption inspection and supervision teams of the Central Steering Committee. + Anti-corruption and anti-corruption inspection and supervision teams of the Provincial Steering Committee (if any).

- Continue to improve and implement synchronously and effectively solutions to prevent corruption and negative impacts, especially the regulations on publicity, transparency, and accountability in the operation of agencies, organizations, and units;

- Administrative reform, management technology innovation; building a contingent of cadres and civil servants at all levels with sufficient quality, capacity, and prestige to meet the requirements of tasks in the new situation of Vietnam;

- Continue to consolidate the organizational apparatus and improve the capacity and operational efficiency of agencies and units with the function of preventing and combating corruption and negativity; first of all, state inspection agencies, investigation and judgment enforcement agencies at all levels, branches, and specialized units in the fight against corruption and negativity.

In addition, functional agencies need to strengthen control over power to prevent and combat corruption and negativity; coordinate to implement synchronously and unify the handling of party discipline with the State's administrative discipline, mass discipline, and criminal handling; and especially seriously and effectively implement the coordination mechanism in detecting and handling corruption and negativity through inspection, supervision, inspection, investigation, prosecution, trial, and judgment enforcement.

Immediately overcome shortcomings in anti-corruption activities in Vietnam

Specifically, the Prime Minister of Vietnam requested to review and take measures to rectify and immediately overcome the limitations and shortcomings in the anti-corruption work, which were pointed out in the summary results, especially the limitations and shortcomings in the work of leadership, direction, organization of implementation, and other limitations and shortcomings due to subjective reasons.

In addition, organizing propaganda, dissemination and thorough understanding of the results of the 10-year summary of anti-corruption and anti-corruption work in the period 2012–2022 and tasks and solutions in the coming time, especially the contents, the tasks of anti-corruption and anti-corruption are stated in the speech of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Head of the Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption and anti-corruption at the Conference on Summary and Report No. 06-BC/TW dated July 23, 2022 of the Politburo.

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