Technical requirements for the hazardous waste storage area for hazardous waste treaters

Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTNMT This Regulation provides for technical requirements for the hazardous waste storage site for hazardous waste treaters.

Pursuant to Clause 3, Article 36 of Circular No.02/2022/TRT-BTNMT, in which:

- To have a foundation height to avoid flooding; the floor surface in the hazardous waste storage area designed to prevent rain water runoff from the outside;

- Having tight floors, without cracks, made of materials which are waterproof, anti-corrosive, and non-reactive to hazardous wastes; the floors are durable enough to withstand the load of the highest hazardous waste as calculated; walls and partitions of non-flammable materials;

- 160; must have sun-proof and rain-proof roofs for the entire area of hazardous waste storage made of fireproof materials, except for equipment storing hazardous waste with a volume larger than 05 m3 which must be placed outdoor; measures or designs must be made to restrict the direct inward wind;

-  Having divided cells or parts for each type of hazardous waste or group of hazardous waste with the same nature in order to separate with types of hazardous waste or group of other hazardous waste which can react with each other by a burning wall higher than the height of loading hazardous waste.

In addition, Clause 4, Clause 5 and Clause 6 of this Article also stipulates that:

- If the hazardous waste storage or transit area is built in the form of storage facility, Vietnam's warehouse standards must be met.

- The area for storage or transit of liquid hazardous waste must have walls, dykes or embankments surrounding the whole or part of the area or another secondary isolation measure to provide for the release of hazardous waste into the environment in case of incidents; must have ditches to collect hazardous waste to a pit lower than the floor to prevent the spill of hazardous waste into the outside.

- Liquid wastes with PCB and persistent organic pollutants under the management of the Convention on Stockholm on persistent organic pollutants - 160;( POP) and other organic hazardous elements Hazardous pollutants  Hazardous wastes exceeding the hazardous waste threshold prescribed in the environmental technical regulation on the hazardous waste threshold) must be stored in hard packaging or storage equipment placed on chimneys or increasing plates and overlapping.

Mortgage, as prescribed in Clause 7 of this Article, hazardous waste storage or transit areas must be equipped with the following equipment, tools and materials:

- Having enough fire prevention and fighting equipment as prescribed by law on fire prevention and fighting;

- Absorbent materials (such as dry sand or sawdust) and shovels used in case of spillage, leakage or spillage of liquid hazardous waste;

- First aid kit; emergency neutralization containers of acid burns in case of storage of wastes having acid properties;

- Loading and unloading equipment (manual or mechanical);

- Communication equipment;

- Alarming equipment (such as whistles, horns, shovels, loudspeakers);

- in each cell or zone of the storage or transit area must have warning signs and prevention signs suitable to the type of hazardous waste stored according to Vietnam standards on warning signs relating to the range from 160; to hazardous waste and at least 30 cm x each dimension; materials and ink of the above-mentioned signs and words are not blurred or faded;

- Evacuation diagram, exit signs (symbol EXIT) placed at the turns;

- Size and place of installation of signboards of safe operation procedures at storage areas or transit areas, emergency response procedures (attached to the list of telephone numbers of authorities such as People's Committees of communes, police authorities, medical facilities, fire safety and rescue agencies in localities) must be visible and monitored.

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