Technical requirements for environmental protection for means of transport of hazardous waste

Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTNMT stipulating requirements on technical protection environment for vehicles transporting hazardous substances.

Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTNMT, according to Article 37 of the Circular No.

- Devices storing hazardous waste which are fixed or can be disassembled on means of transport must meet requirements specified in Clause 2, Article 36 of this Circular.

-  Particular requirements for certain means of transport of hazardous waste:

+ Open barrel truck with cover of sunlight and rain during collection, storage and transport of hazardous waste;

+ Tanker truck and ship hold hold for hazardous waste in liquid form

+ Motorcycles and mopeds must have containers which are stuck on cargo-handling racks (behind the driving position) of motorcycles and mopeds. The size of the container must comply with the laws on road traffic.

- Areas storing hazardous wastes on ships, barges and trains must satisfy the following requirements:

+ Have ambient floors and walls which are tight, especially on the road between the floor and walls, using waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion-resistant materials, and non-reactive with hazardous wastes; the floor is durable enough to withstand the highest hazardous waste load as calculated;

+ There is a roof or canvass cover the entire sunlight and rain, except for the area containing hazardous waste with storage equipment with a volume of more than 02 m3 , it is placed outdoor; there is measures or design to limit wind directly to the inside.

-  Vehicles for transporting hazardous waste, when being in operation, must be equipped with the following equipment, tools and materials:

+ Having full fire prevention and fighting equipment as prescribed by law on fire prevention and fighting;

+ Absorbent materials (such as dry sand or sawdust) and necessary tools for use in case of spillage, leakage or spillage of liquid hazardous waste;

+ First aid box; emergency baking soda containers used for neutralizing acid burns in case of transport of wastes having acid properties;

+ communications equipment;

+ The warning sign of flexibly installed depending on the type of hazardous waste transported at least on the two sides of the vehicle; the words "WASTE TRANSPORTATION" with the height of letters at least 15 cm  enclosed with the name, address and telephone number placed at least on the two sides of the vehicle; the materials and ink of the sign and the above words are not blurred and faded; in case of transport by moped, the size of the warning sign is chosen to be consistent with the reality;

+ Simplified instruction boards regarding safe operation procedures for means of transport, loading and unloading or loading and discharge of hazardous waste, incident response procedures (enclosed with the list of telephone numbers of environmental management agencies, public security agencies, emergency and fire fighting authorities in the area of ​​operation), which are put up at cabin or control zones as prescribed by law, which are clear, easy to read and unblurred.

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