Technical regulations on hand-held construction equipment

Circular No 16/2021/TT-BXD technical regulations on hand-held equipment in construction.

Assurance of safety when operating equipment, tools hand-held in construction

Subsection 2.6 of the National technical regulation on construction safety issued together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD provides for operation of hand-held equipment and tools as follows:

- Equipment, hand tools and other machine systems, equipment operated (control) by hand or other energy sources must comply with the provisions in and the following provisions:

+ Be used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. When a person wishes to use equipment, tools and machines for purposes other than their original design, such use must be assessed and concluded by a competent person;

NOTE: The competent person is the person who manages machinery, construction equipment, safety manager of the contractor and (or) the manufacturer's representative.

+ They are used and operated only by the trained laborers in the right type of equipment and tools they hand over to them;

+ Be equipped with protection, shielding parts or other protective measures as required by the relevant QCVN for each type of equipment, tool.

- Written instructions for use and safe operation must be provided by the manufacturer or the employer at suitable locations and simple and understandable to the employer.

NOTES: there must be instructions in Vietnamese.

- Measures for land use shall include contents about procedures for use and safe operation of hand-held equipment, tools and other systems and equipment on the site.

- The user and operator of machine systems and equipment must focus during work performance.

- If they are not used, they must be cut (off) to supply energy; and isolated before cleaning, maintenance, adjustment or repair.

- Wire, extension tubes (for example, electrical wires, steam pipes) must be maintained as short as they are used to avoid risks of unsafety.

- The movable parts that may threaten the safety of the machinery and equipment system must be covered or protected in full according to the manufacturer's instructions and standards.

- The electrical machines and equipment must be equipped with adequate means (or switches, switches) for urgent stoppage placed in the conspicuous places, can switch manipulation for the users and operators to stop their machinery and equipment quickly and to prevent them from moving beyond their wishes.

- Machine and equipment systems must be designed or installed in a constant speed control unit to ensure that such system does not exceed the permitted maximum speed. If the machine or equipment can change speed, only the type of machine or equipment can be started at the lowest speed.

- The users and operators of hand-held devices and other system of machinery and equipment must be provided with the appropriate environmental protection devices, including capacitive protection when working with the loud noise detectors.

NOTE: Requirements pertaining to the plant protection are defined in 2.19.

Technical regulations on hand-held construction equipment

Technical regulations on hand-held construction equipment

Regulations on construction-hand tools and equipment

Subsection 2.6 "National technical regulation on construction safety" promulgated together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD provides for technical regulation on hand-held equipment and tools as follows:

- Equipment, tools of hands and the accompanying parts are only reinforced, assembled, repaired by the competent person.

NOTE: The competent persons are the technical staffs of the producers, the users of equipment, tools (if suitable to the work) or the persons who repair equipment, tools of the bidders.

- Cutting edges of shape tools and equipment.

- When the head of the hammer, tools for dam break or has signs of damage (eg firebreak, milestone with wood instruments), the suitable radius must be treated or grinded at the angles, edges.

- When not using (or during the transportation) the sharp and pointed equipment and appliances must be covered with materials to avoid being cracked or damaged due to collision, and put in suitable boxes or containers.

- Only equipment and hand tools with insulating (or without electrical conductors) are allowed to be used near or in areas with operating electric equipment to avoid risks of electrocution.

- Only use the hand-held equipment and tools not emitting spark in the area near or in the area with inflammable materials, dust or other inflammable or explosive gases.


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