Technical regulations on construction of concrete from June 30, 2022

Circular No 16/2021/TT-BXD technical regulations on construction of concrete

Concrete construction norms should be ensured

Subsection 2.11 section 2 of the National technical regulation on construction safety promulgated together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD provides for technical regulations on construction of concrete:

- The construction of on-site concrete structures, especially large-sparse and multi-story concrete shall comply with the order specified in the construction methods. The construction methods must be established based on the design documents, construction technical instructions and acceptance criteria applicable to the project, in which there must be sufficient the following important information:

+ Technical parameters of steel cable, reinforced steel, concrete and other materials used, including technical measures for installation and treatment;

+ Location and arrangement of steel and reinforced steel in the structure;

+ Result of calculation of KNCL of structure in case it is required to adjust structure, allocate steel and reinforced steel in structure to suit actuality of construction. For the advance-power cable, there must be a pulling effect table and specific prolonged strength.

- Specify and retain information about the discharge of concrete, including factors that may affect the development of concrete strength.

- With regard to the advance cable pulling, the operator of the cable pulling equipment is not present on the surface of the cable pulling head.

- Construction stages (e.g. erection of works, reinforced concrete cables, concrete reinforced steel cables, concrete pouring of hardened cables, maintenance, dismantlement of formwork; experiments and other relevant works) should be established and must be governed, inspected and supervised by competent persons.

NOTES: The competent persons as prescribed in

- In the process of pouring concrete, the CDT must be checked regularly (see Clause 2.3.6) to promptly detect risks of unsafety (such as collapse of anti-cast systems, propulsion frames and other risks).

- Materials, structures, constructional machines and equipment are not placed into tubes or placed directly in the area of concrete which are hard.

Technical regulations on construction of concrete from June 30, 2022

Regulations on use of mortars for concrete construction

Subsection 2.11 section 2 of the National Technical Regulation on construction safety promulgated together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD provides for use of construction projects as follows:

- Survey, design; construction and installation; safety test and assessment; inspection and supervision; observation, use and maintenance; dismantlement must comply with the provisions of from 2.3.1 to 2.3.7 and the following regulations:

+ Frame boards must be designed and installed in such a way that the work floor, the anti-stability system, stairs, slopes and other accessibility equipment can easily be installed and linked with the precinct;

+ Vertical or inclined frames shall be subject to inspection, installation and dismantlement under the supervision of experienced persons;

+ The layout drawing and the detailed information about the distance of the beams and the casual trees must be provided to the person in charge of construction;

+ Seeds and timber and bamboo protection plants must be of suitable size, have enough KNCL, be resistant to temperature and speed of concrete pouring;

+ Anti-casing and anti-casing systems must be locked after being adjusted;

+ A copy of the technical instructions and standards may be omitted;

+ Be entirely removed to avoid danger because of disassembly; unavailable parts must be resisted or firmly anchored;

+ Mechanical, hydraulic or compressed air lifting equipment used for the project must be equipped with automatic storage or brake to prevent any danger in case where the lifting equipment breaks down;

+ The lift equipment must not be smooth and clean and automatically disconnected to prevent breakdown of power or equipment.

- For special-use mould systems (sliding dies, leo dies): Survey, design, construction and installation, test, safety testing (if subject to testing as stated in point c of 2.1.5), use, dismantlement and other relevant works must comply with provisions from 2.3.1 to 2.3.7.

Circular No.16/2021/TT-BXD comes into force from June 20, 2022.


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