Summary of prohibited goods, services and acts in advertising activities in Vietnam

Currently, individuals and organizations in Vietnam often use advertising to bring images of products and services to customers. When carrying out advertising activities in Vietnam, individuals and organizations should note the following products, services and prohibited acts:

1. Prohibited products, goods and services in Vietnam

- Goods and services are prohibited from trading according to the provisions of law.

- Cigarette

- Alcohol with an alcoholic strength of 15 degrees or more.

- Breast-milk substitutes for children in Vietnam under 24 months of age, nutritional supplements for children under 06 months of age; bottle-feeders and artificial breasts.

- Prescription drugs; drugs not prescribed but recommended by competent state agencies to limit use or use under the supervision of physicians.

- Types of products and goods of a sexual nature.

- Hunting rifles and shotgun shells, sports weapons and other violent products and goods in Vietnam.

- Other products, goods and services banned from advertising shall be stipulated by the Government when they arise in practice.

Summary of prohibited goods, services and acts in advertising activities in Vietnam

Summary of prohibited goods, services and acts in advertising activities in Vietnam (Illustration)

2. Prohibited acts in advertising activities in Vietnam

- Advertise the products, goods and services specified above.

- Advertisements that reveal state secrets, prejudice to independence, national sovereignty, security and national defense.

- An advertisement is vulgar, proving that it breaks the traditional values in history, culture, ethics, rituals and customs of Vietnam.

- Advertising affects urban aesthetics, traffic order and safety, social safety in Vietnam.

- Advertisements that adversely affect the respect for the National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem, National Party, national heroes, cultural honor, leaders, leaders of the Party and the State.

- Advertisements with the nature of ethnic discrimination, racial discrimination, violation of freedom of belief, religion, gender stereotypes and persons with disabilities in Vietnam.

- An advertisement hurts the prestige, honor and dignity of organizations and individuals in Vietnam.

- An advertisemnt uses images, words, letters written by individuals without receiving an agreement, except permitted by law in Vietnam.

- An advertisement is incorrect or misleading about entrepreneurship, the ability to provide products, goods and services of organizations and individuals trading in products, goods and services; the quantity, quality, price, usage, service mode, the warranty period of products, goods and services which have been registered or have been announced in Vietnam.

- An advertisement is using direct comparison method of price, quality and efficiency of products, goods and services with the price, quality and efficiency of products, goods services of the same type of different organizations and individuals in Vietnam.

- Advertising uses the words "the best", "the only", "the best", "number one" or similar meaning without legal documents proving in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

- An advertisement has the competition content which is unfair in accordance with the law on competition in Vietnam.

- Advertisement violates the law on intellectual property.

- Advertising creates children with thoughts, words and actions contrary to morality and fine customs; causing adverse effects on the health, safety or normal development of children.

- Forcing agencies, organizations and individuals to advertise or receive advertising against their willing.

- Hanging, placing, gluing, drawing advertising products on power poles, pylons, traffic signal poles and trees in Vietnam's public places.

Legal basis: Article 7, Article 8 of the Law on Advertising 2012

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