Regulations on investors and owners of drainage system in Vietnam

What are the regulations on investors and owners of drainage system in Vietnam? - Quoc An (Tien Giang, Vietnam)

Regulations on investors and owners of drainage system in Vietnam (Internet image)

1. Investors of drainage system in Vietnam

 Investors in drainage system according to Article 11 of Decree 80/2014/ND-CP are as follows:

- A competent People’s Committee or a drainage unit shall be designated as an investor to construct drainage system with support from the State budget of the administrative division.

- The investor in a drainage system of a rural residential area funded by the State budget is the rural development board/council of a commune appointed by the ward People’s Committee.

If the project requires high technologies or professional expertise beyond the capability of the management board of rural development of the commune, the district People’s Committee shall appoint a capable unit together with the People’s Committee of the commune as the investor.

- The unit appointed as an investor in infrastructure of an industrial zone or new urban area shall be the investor in the drainage system in the same administrative division.

- Investors in drainage systems are their owners.

- The investor of a drainage system invested by a community shall be a representative designated by the community.

2. Drainage system owners in Vietnam

Drainage system owners according to Article 10 of Decree 80/2014/ND-CP are as follows:

- Provincial People’s Committees are the owners or shall appoint People’s Committees of districts and communes as owners of the drainage systems that are:

+ Funded by the State budget;

+ Transferred by investors in new urban areas;

+ Transferred by entities that invest in drainage systems and operate them for a limited period of time.

- The investors in new urban areas or industrial zones are the owners of the drainage systems therein until they are transferred according to the regulations.

- The entities investing in drainage systems are their owners until they are transferred provincial People’s Committees.

3. Plan for drainage development in Vietnam

Article 12 of Decree 80/2014/ND-CP stipulates the plan for drainage development as follows:

- The plan for drainage development shall include investment plans and specific tasks for ensuring the drainage of rainwater, the collection and treatment of wastewater, widening the range and improving the quality of the drainage service.

- Plan for drainage development must be in conformity with the approve construction planning and drainage planning, and supported by related administrative divisions.

- Procedure for making, assessing and approving the plan for drainage development:

+ The Department of Construction shall take charge and cooperate with relevant agencies to make the plan for local drainage development;

+ The Department of Planning and Investment shall take charge and cooperate with the Department of Finance to assess the plan for local drainage development and request the provincial People’s Committee to consider approving the plan.

4. Investment fund for drainage system in Vietnam

Investment fund for the drainage system according to Article 13 of Decree 80/2014/ND-CP is as follows:

The drainage systems of urban areas, industrial zones and rural residential areas shall be invested by the State budget and other legal fund. The Government encourages and facilitates the investment of economic sectors in a part or the whole drainage system in accordance with the construction planning and drainage planning approved by competent authorities.

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