Principles of discipline within the Communist Party of Vietnam

According to Regulation 22-QD/TW 2021 on inspection, supervision and discipline of the Communist Party of Vietnam, principles of discipline within the Communist Party of Vietnam are regulated as follows:

Principles of discipline within the Communist Party of Vietnam (Illustration)

Party organizations and party members in Vietnam violating discipline must be handled fairly, accurately and promptly; All Party members are equal before the Party's discipline, if violations are serious enough to require discipline, they must be severely disciplined.

Party members who violate the law to the extent that they have to be examined for penal liability shall be transferred to a competent agency for settlement, not handled internally. If there is a loss of finance and property of the Party, the State, organizations and individuals, responsibility and compensation must be considered.

Party members, after transferring party activities to a new party organization, if they are detected or accused of having violated discipline at the place of previous party activities but have not yet been considered and handled, the superior party organization of the party shall Party committees where former and current management of party members are concerned shall consider and handle or direct subordinate party organizations to consider and handle them according to their competence.

Disciplinary enforcement must consider and decide accordingly based on the content, extent, nature, harms, effects, causes of the violation, specific circumstances and aggravating or mitigating circumstances and take responsibility for that decision. If the statute of limitations expires, disciplinary action will not be taken.

Party discipline does not replace administrative discipline, corporate discipline or legal action and vice versa (unless otherwise stated). After considering, handling or directing the consideration and handling of party discipline, Party organizations must immediately direct or propose organizations responsible for considering and handling administrative and union discipline. can or criminally handle for synchronous and timely.

When state organizations, Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations suspend work or take disciplinary actions against cadres, members, and union members who are party members, they must take the initiative to immediately notify such organizations. Party organization manages that party member to consider and handle party discipline.

After settling complaints about discipline about the Party, if there is a change in the form of discipline, the Party organization has the authority to direct the review of the form of administrative and mass discipline.

For party members who are members of commissions at all levels or retired cadres belonging to Party committees at all levels, if any violations are detected while working, the party organizations' disciplinary enforcement competence shall be exercised. as in office; if there is a violation after retirement, the party organization managing the party member will handle it according to its competence.

Violating Party members who are pregnant or nursing a child under 12 months old or seriously ill will not be considered and disciplined. In case the violating party member has passed away, the party organization will consider and not take disciplinary action, unless there is a particularly serious violation.

Party organizations that decide to discipline unjustly or wrongly against Party members must change or cancel such decisions, and at the same time self-criticize, review and learn from experience; if the violation is serious enough to be disciplined, the higher level committee or inspection committee will consider and decide.

Official Party members commit such serious violations that they must be expelled, they must be disciplined with expulsion, do not apply the measure of name deletion, and do not accept the application to leave the Party.

If the reserve party member commits a violation to the point of having to be disciplined, the discipline will be reprimanded or warned. When the probationary period expires, the branch will still consider and recognize the official party member. If the violation is to the extent that it is no longer eligible to be a party member, the name will be removed from the list of party members.

When disciplining a party organization, responsibility and discipline must be considered for party members who violate, especially the responsibility of the head of the party organization.

Party members who are unfairly disciplined or wrongly disciplined must be excused and their rights restored. The apology and restoration of rights comply with the Vietnamese Politburo's regulations.

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