Penalties for wearing inappropriate clothes to the festival in Vietnam

Decree 38/2021/ND-CP which will take effect from June 1, 2021 stipulates new regulations on sanctioning administrative violations in the fields of culture and advertising. In particular, wearing costumes that are not suitable for Vietnamese cultural traditions at the festivals shall be sanctioned as follows:

According to Article 14 of Vietnam's Decree 38/2021/ND-CP, the following penalties shall be imposed for the act of wearing clothes that are impolite or inconsistent with Vietnamese cultural traditions at the festival in Vietnam as follows: 

Imposing the fine ranging from 200,000 dong to 500,000 dong for one of the following violations:

- Burning incense or burning votive paper in the wrong places;

- Uttering profanities, swearing or insulting holy spirit, affecting the solemn atmosphere of festivals;

- Wearing clothes which are inappropriate or do not conform to Vietnamese cultural traditions.

Thus, wearing clothes that are impolite or inconsistent with Vietnamese cultural traditions at the festival may be subject to a warning or a fine ranging from VND 200,000 to VND 500,000.

Penalties for wearing inappropriate clothes to the festival in Vietnam (Artwork)

Decree 38/2021/ND-CP also stipulates specific violation against regulations on organization of festivals in Vietnam:

Imposing the fine ranging from 500,000 dong to 1,000,000 dong for one of the following violations:

- Failing to submit festival review reports to competent state authorities according to regulations;

- Insisting on asking festival attendees to use services and goods.

Imposing the fine ranging from 1,000,000 dong to 3,000,000 dong for one of the following violations:

- Failing to establish festival organizers’ boards according to regulations;

- Selling festival tickets and collecting fees for participation in festivals;

- Organizing festivals without toilets or with toilets that fail to meet the prescribed standards at areas where festivals are held or at relics;

- Failing to disseminate and introduce purposes, meaning and value of festivals on the loudspeaker systems or signage and other forms of propaganda;

- Failing to announce hotline numbers to receive feedbacks from festival participants.

In addition, tmposing the highest fine for one of the following violations:

- Organizing festivals that are subject to registration regulations without any written consent from competent state authorities;

- Organizing traditional festivals of which historical and cultural nature and meaning are not correct;

- Performing rituals that are violent, offensive, contrary to the traditional peace-loving and humanitarian tradition of Vietnam;

- Failing to delay festivals at the request of the competent state authority;

- Organizing superstitious activities.

When committing the above-mentioned acts, the violators may be fined from VND 15,000,000 to VND 20,000,000.

Thus, with specific regulations on the level of punishment for violations when organizing and participating in festivals, it will help ensure the cultural beauty of the nation and raise people's awareness in choosing costumes and acting standards in places of festivals, spiritual culture in Vietnam.



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