Obligations of the Vietnam People's Police: What you need to know

Citizens performing the obligation to join the Vietnam People's Police are performing the obligation to protect the Fatherland in the people's armed forces; is a source for recruiting long-term service in the People's Public Security and is considered to perform military service according to Military Service Law 2015.

Obligations of the People's Police: What you need to know (Artwork)

1. Subjects and criteria for selection to perform police duties in Vietnam

Subjects:  Male citizens of enlistment age who have registered for military service in accordance with the 2015 Law on Military Service, from full 18 years old to the end of 25 years old.

Citizens who have been trained at the college or university level or above who have been suspended from call-up under the provisions of the Military Service Law 2015 can be recruited until the end of 27 years of age.

Education: High school graduate.

A person has graduated from intermediate-level or higher, with training majors suitable to the use needs of the People's Police force; gifted citizens in culture, art, physical training, sports, ethnic minorities is a priority in the selection

Political standards: 

- Having a clear background, strictly complying with the Party's guidelines and policies, and the State's laws and policies;

- Having no criminal record, no criminal prosecution, not during the period of being applied the measure of education in communes, wards or townships or sent to compulsory medical treatment establishments or sent to educational establishments;

- Having good moral qualities, being trusted by the people in their places of residence, study and work;

- Ensuring the political standards of non-commissioned officers and soldiers serving under the regime of duty in the People's Police.

Health standards:  Citizens are in good health, reaching grades 1 and 2 according to the provisions of Joint Circular 16/2016/TTLT-BYT-BQP and achieve special criteria as prescribed by the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam shall stipulate criteria for medical examination for selection of citizens to perform the obligation to join the People's Police, including some basic criteria as follows:

- Height: From 162 cm to 195 cm; Weight: From 47 kg or more.

- Not addicted to narcotics and drug precursors;

- Normal hair color and shape, no skin pigmentation disorder;

- No marks (tattoos) on the skin, including tattoos on the skin, no holes, nose and other places on the body to wear jewellery;

- No chronic and social diseases;

- No keloid scars on the he ad, face, neck, forearms, hands and feet.

2. Time limit for performing police duty in Vietnam

The time limit for performing the obligation to join the People's Police is 24 months. The Minister of Public Security of Vietnam may decide to extend the in-service period of non-commissioned officers and conscripts for no more than 6 months in the following cases:

- To ensure combat readiness;

- Performing the task of preventing and combating natural disasters, epidemics, and rescue.

The time to perform the obligation is counted from the date of delivery of the citizen. In case of not delivering and receiving, it is counted from the date of receipt by the People's Police unit until the competent authority decides to demobilize. The time of desertion and the time of serving the prison sentence shall not be included in the time of performing the obligation to join the People's Police.

3. Application of selection to perform police duties in Vietnam

The People's Police obligation is not compulsory, citizens wishing to participate in the selection and performance of the People's Police obligations must submit an application to the Police of the commune, ward or township (collectively referred to as the Commune-level Police) where the citizen is located. have permanent residence in order to be considered and selected according to regulations.

Selection documents include the following documents:

- A declaration of application to join the People's Police, made according to the form in the Appendix issued with Decree 70/2019/ND-CP of Vietnam, certified by the People's Committee of the commune, ward or township (hereinafter referred to as the Committee of the People's Committees) the place of residence or of the agency or organization where that person is working or studying.

Application form for registration of participation in obligations of People's Police 


- Certificate of registration for military service.

4. Benefits, regimes and policies for citizens performing police duties

During the medical examination at the call of the district-level police chief, the citizen participating in the recruitment examination and the person who chooses to perform the obligation to join the People's Police is entitled to the regimes and policies prescribed for citizens in the pre-enlistment check-up.

- During their service time, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security Forces are guaranteed food and accommodation, and are entitled to a monthly allowance according to their military rank; social insurance and health insurance regimes in accordance with the Law on Social Insurance and the Law on Health Insurance of Vietnam; have a leave of absence; pay attention to fostering and developing the Party during the performance of its obligations; be rewarded for achievements in combat, work and training; be guaranteed health care when injured, sick, accident according to the provisions of law...

In addition, non-commissioned officers and soldiers on duty in the People's Police and their relatives are entitled to other regimes and policies such as non-commissioned officers and soldiers serving in the people's armed forces specified in Article 50 of this Law on Military service 2015 and documents detailing the implementation.

- Non-commissioned officers who have served in the army from full 15 months to less than 24 months (up to the time of taking the exam), the results of the classification of having successfully completed the tasks of the year or more ensure the following criteria: standard, conditions for service according to the professional regime are facilitated to review, take exams, register for admission to universities and regular secondary schools at academies and schools of the People's Public Security Forces and receive priority points according to the regulations on enrollment of the People's Public Security Forces. Currently, the People's Public Security Intermediate system only considers candidates who are conscription soldiers in the People's Police who are serving in the army. After graduating from school, he has conferred the rank of professional officer and non-commissioned officer.

- Non-commissioned officers and soldiers who fail to be admitted to academies and police schools, after the expiration of the active service period, fully meet the conditions, standards and voluntarily individuals, will be considered for conversion to professional services according to the target of the Ministry of Public Security annually allocated to the Provincial Police.

- Non-commissioned officers and soldiers who fulfill their demobilization obligations and return to their respective localities shall have their social insurance benefits settled under the provisions of the Law on Social Insurance and the demobilization allowance regime; receive vocational counselling, support vocational training at the primary level; job creation allowance; to be prioritized by the authorities at all levels, agencies and organizations for job placement and priority in the recruitment of civil servants and public employees and enjoy other policies as prescribed.

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