New policies on farm economic development to be issued in Vietnam

Dispatch 3818/VPCP-NN on the formulation of the Decree on policies to encourage farm economic development, was issued on June 21, 2022

New policy on farm economic development is about to be issued in Vietnam (illustration)

Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Le Van Thanh requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam to chair and coordinate with the Ministry of Justice, relevant agencies and People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities:

Organize the development of a draft Government Decree on policies to encourage farm economic development, and submit it to the Government of Vietnam in December 2022.

Currently, a number of long-term policies of the State toward the Vietnamese farm economy prescribed in Resolution 03/2000/NQ-CP as follows:

- The State encourages the development of the farm economy and protects this economy. The households and individuals who invest in developing the farm economy shall be allocated or leased land by the State, and issued with certificates of the right to stable and long- term use of land for production and business according to provisions of law.

- The State particularly encourages the investment for effective exploitation and use of the waste land, bare hills and mountains in the midlands, the mountain areas, along the borders and on the offshore islands, the full use of the still wild lands, ponds, marshes, lakes, alluvial land along the rivers and the coast, the water surface in the bays, lagoons and tide pools for agricultural, forestry and fishery production along specialization with a high rate of commodity goods.

With regard to the areas with narrow arable land and a high density of population, the State encourages the development of the farm economy using little land and a large work force, highly intensive cultivation coupled with processing, trade and service in order to produce farm products with high economic value.

Priority in land allocation and lease shall be given to those farmer households having large capital, production and management experiences which want to expand the scope of production of commodity farm products, and also those households which do not have land for agricultural production and which wish to build a lasting fortune in agriculture.

- The State invariably carries out the policy of developing the economic autonomy of the farmers households, developing the farm economy along with the conversion of the old cooperatives, broadening the various forms of the economy of cooperation and joint enterprise in production and business among the farmers’ households, farms, State-owned agriculture and forestry farms, State enterprises and enterprises of other economic sectors in order to create a motive force and an integrated strength to promote the development of agriculture and the countryside.

- The State shall provide assistance in capital, science and technology in processing and consuming products, in building the infrastructure and creating other favorable conditions for the sustainable development of the farms.

- To strengthen the State management work so that the farms can develop healthily and effectively

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