New points Vietnamese Party members need to pay attention to in Regulation 24-QD/TW

On July 30, 2021, the Central Committee of the Party of Vietnam promulgated Regulation 24-QD/TW (Regulation 24) on the implementation of the Party Charter replacing < a href="" class="green-text" target=" _blank" >Regulation 29-QD/TW dated July 25, 2016 (Regulation 29). According to regulation 24, there are some amendments such as:

New points Vietnamese Party members need to pay attention to in Regulation 24-QD/TW (Illustration image)

1. Education level of people entering the Party::

According to Regulation 29, people entering the Party must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent or higher. However, Regulation 24 no longer stipulates the content "equivalent or higher", according to which, in terms of educational level, people who join the Party must have a secondary school diploma or higher.

2. The right of Party members to information:

Regulation 24 of Vietnam supplements the content of Party members' right to information, specifically, Party committees at all levels inform Party members about the situation and tasks of the locality and unexpected information provided by the Central Propaganda Department and superior level committees.

3. Introduction and admission of people to the Vietnamese Party

- Party members introduce candidates to the Party:

Regulation 24 supplements the case where Official Party members live together in the same place of residence as those who have joined the Party for at least 12 months: Being Official Party members, working together, studying or living together in the same place of residence for at least 12 months with the person introduced to the Party in the same unit under the leadership of the Party Committee, grassroots cell.

According to Regulation 29, Party members who introduce people to the Party are Official Party members who work and study for at least 12 months with those introduced to the Party in the same unit under under the leadership of the Party Committee, grassroots cell

- The admission of people to the Party in places where there are no Party members:

The immediate superior level of the Party committee of the grassroots Party organization (where the person entering the Party works, labors, studies or resides) assigns the Party cell with the most favorable conditions to assign Party members to officially assist the person entering the Party. When all conditions and criteria are met, the Party cell where the Party members are located shall assist the active Party members in carrying out the procedures for applying for admission according to regulations.

- Conditions to be considered for re-admission of Party members:

Compared with Regulation 29, one of the conditions for a person considered for re-admission into the Party is at least 36 months after leaving the Party (for persons who have criminal convictions for less serious crimes, it must be 60 months after their criminal records are expunged), make an application for re-admission to the Party; they must be approved in writing by the standing committee of the provincial or municipal Party Committee (or equivalent) and considered and decided by the competent party committee (district party committee and equivalent).

Regulation 24 adds that in cases where Party members have been removed from the Party due to violations of the population and family planning policies, the provisions of the Secretariat shall be complied with.

4. The case of admitting people to the Party and recognizing Official Party members in contravention of Vietnamese regulations:

Supplementing regulations on admitting Party members and recognizing official Party members in contravention of regulations and Party organizations issuing decisions on admission of dissolved or disbanded Party members:

- In case of not under the regulations on standards of Party members: If the Party organization promulgate a decision to admit a dissolved or disbanded Party member, the competent Party committee where the Party member is currently living cancels the decision on membership. 

- Regarding procedures for admission and recognition of Party members: if the Party organization has been dissolved or dissolved, the competent Party committee where the Party member is living shall conduct verification, verification and redo the procedures according to the provisions of Vietnamese regulations.

5. Distributing and managing Party member cards, recording Party members' profiles::

To suit the reality when the Foreign Party Committee has merged with the Party Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Regulation 24 removes the content "Party members of the Foreign Party Committee are considered and decided by the Foreign Party Committee"  in the regulation on the distribution of Party membership cards; and supplementing the regulation that the Party Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the agency competent to manage Party member files, Party membership cards and the list of Party members in the Party Committee under the regulations of the Secretariat and the guidance of the Central Organization Committee. For Party members going abroad to work or study for 12 months or more, the Party committee managing Party member's profile shall provide guidance on supplementing the curriculum vitae when Party members return home.

6. The periodical activities of grassroots Party committees and branches:

Regulation 24 supplements the pilot content of online activities in a number of specific Party cells and branches or in special circumstances under the guidance of the Secretariat

7. The nomination and election of delegates to the superior Party congresses.

Regulation 24 adds the content: "Only official delegates of the congress may be nominated for election as a delegate to the superior Party Congress".

If an alternate delegate is appointed to replace Regulation 24, it is clearly stated that: If the official delegate (by election) requests not to attend the meeting but is approved by the committee convening the meeting, he/she may appoint an alternate delegate. Therefore, an alternate delegate can only be appointed if the delegate officially requests not to attend the meeting (Regulation 29 is to withdraw) but has been approved by the committee convening the meeting.

Regulation 24 also stated specifically, more clearly the cases in which an alternate delegate cannot be appointed to replace the official delegate, including:

- The lower-level congress elects not enough officially allocated delegates.

- The level of members convening the meeting is absent for the duration of the meeting.

- Officially disqualified delegates.

8. Set up specialized agencies to advise, assist, and non-business units of the Party Committee

- For Party Committees directly under the Central Government:

Do not establish a specialized agency to advise and assist grassroots Party organizations. The grassroots Party Committees to which the Party Committee is empowered or piloted to delegate authority to superiors shall comply with Item a, Point 10.5.2 of Regulation 24 of Vietnam.

- Agencies of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations (Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Vietnam Farmers' Union, Vietnam Women's Union, Vietnam Veterans Association):

+ At the central level, the Politburo decides on the functions, tasks, organizational structure, and payroll and assigns the Central Organization Committee to advise and manage.

+ At the provincial and district levels, the Secretariat shall define the functions, tasks, organizational apparatus, and payroll; Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the city Party Committee manages, periodically reports to the Secretariat (via the Central Organization Committee).

9. The criteria, the recipients of the Party Badge:

Regulation 24 replaces the regulation "Party members who are seriously ill may be considered for awarding the Party Badge early, but the time for early consideration and donation must not exceed one year compared with the regulations"  to the content "Party member is seriously ill or dies. may be considered for awarding or posthumously conferring the Party Badge early, but not for more than one year; A Party member of 70 years, 75 years, 80 years, 85 years, 90 years old Party or older, if seriously ill, may be considered for the award of the Party Badge early, but must not exceed two years as prescribed .

At the same time, supplementing regulations that have not considered giving the Party Badge to Party members who are disciplined about the Party by means of reprimand; supplementing regulations on considering and awarding the Party Badge for Party members who have been disciplined about the Party but after a period of good correction of defects, recognized by the Party cell will be considered and awarded the Party Badge, specifically: after 6 months ( for discipline reprimand), 9 months (for warning discipline), 1 year (for dismissal discipline).

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