Instructions for handling people's complaints about COVID-19 vaccination information in Vietnam

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam has Official Dispatch 9458/BYT-CNTT dated November 8, 2021 detailed instructions on the process of receiving and handling people's complaints on the COVID-19 Immunization Management Platform.

Instructions for handling people's complaints about COVID-19 vaccination information (Illustration image)

According to the Official Dispatch, on the basis of people's feedback on issues related to the issuance of COVID-19 vaccination certificates on the COVID-19 Immunization Portal, health management agencies (Department of Health, Provincial Centers for Disease Control, District Health Centers, Commune Health Stations) and vaccination facilities in Vietnam will access the COVID-19 Immunization Management Platform to perform additional review, feedback, and updates. supplement information on vaccination certificates for people. Specifically, the process of receiving and processing complaints is as follows:

Step 1: The following health agencies/vaccination establishments, referred to as medical facilities for short, log in to the System via the link and according to the account provided to browse the reflected information.


- Account managed individually and with OTP authentication after login to ensure data safety and security.

- User need to change the password after login

Step 2: The medical facility will verify the information of the injector and compare it with the information on the attached file. The returned results will belong to three groups of results including the group of objects that are reviewed, the group of objects that will be processed later and the group of objects that are rejected.

Step 2.1: The group of subjects submitting feedback is reviewed and approved, including:

- Persons whose full name information is easy to cause gender confusion, or wrong gender information, In case there is no information required to update and the certificate of the medical facility is fully printed together with relevant identification papers;

- People who inject from August 2021 or earlier are not granted injection certificates but have information on the screening examination and injection orders with the doctor's stamp and signature, along with information related to the medical facility;

- A certificate with information of the manufacturer's name in one of the vaccine groups licensed for circulation in Vietnam;

- The certificate has information about the injection but the angle is cut off, the date of injection is missing but has complete information about the date of injection of the first injection;

- The system already has information about 1st injection, a certificate of separate record of 2nd injection results of the same subject;

- Injections 1 and 2 are not of the same type of vaccine but are suitable according to the vaccine combination regimen of different types of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam;

- Information on injection results of 1st and 2nd injections are on two different injection certification results but the same subject information;

- Nose 1 has no stamp and signature but has information on the date of injection and the name of the vaccine;

- The photographer cuts the two sides of the certificate to send when the results are in 02 different votes;

- The certificate of injection recorded the wrong date order;

- The vaccination certificate erases the subject's vaccination information is not clear;

- The certificate was printed in the wrong year;

- The injector updated the correct information but the certificate of capture lost the information attached to the ID card;

- Foreigners who inject in Vietnam have submitted their injection certificates;

- In case of missing injections, if sufficient certification information is available, additional information will be added;

- The day of injection 2 before the date of injection 1 on the certificate of vaccination;

- Attachments that lack date of birth, or phone number information, are approved according to people's feedback;

- If the subject is of the wrong gender, if the injection information is correct, it will still be approved;

- In case the vaccination certificate is issued by the injector's agency;

- In case the information of the injection is crossed out, overwritten.

Step 2.2: The group of objects sending feedback is processed as follows:

- Attachments are photos taken from the application;

- Certificate of injection from abroad (will follow the flow of handling subjects injected abroad);

- Attached file is a photo of medical declaration;

- Has been processed but has the request of the second injector (duplicate request/reflection);

- The name of the vaccine is not included in the guidelines for vaccines recognized and licensed in Vietnam;

- Information is not enough to give two injections according to the prescribed regimen.

Step 2.3: The group of subjects submitting a reflection that is not reviewed/rejected to be processed reflecting vaccination information include:

- A photo of the screening form but no information on the date of injection, the injection and the type of vaccine;

- The information reflects with the injection certificate opposite of the First and Last Name information;

- Only attach personal photos instead of vaccination certificates;

- Wrong information about injection declared on Portal and information on injection certificate;

- The date of birth on the certificate does not match the date of birth on the system;

- The certificate of shooting does not have information about full name, gender, time of injection, vaccine;

- A photo of the certificate but hides personal information;

- Photographs are blurred and cannot be read clearly;

- The injection date information on the Portal is different from the information on the injection certificate;

- All information on the certificate and declared information do not match;

- Full name on the input port is incomplete, written without accents;

- Declare injectable vaccines with different certification information;

- Personal information is edited on the ticket;

Note: In case of errors, request additional or refuse to approve the reflection. People can look up result information on the Portal and receive a notification asking people to return to the injection facility to reflect and be updated with accurate information.

Bao Ngoc


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