Instructions for declaring and confirming F0 online in Ho Chi Minh City

When people with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 self-administer an antigen rapid test and get a positive result for SARS-CoV-2, instead of going to the Health Station to declare and be confirmed, people do perform the following steps:

Instructions for declaring and confirming F0 online in Ho Chi Minh City

Instructions for declaring and confirming F0 online in Ho Chi Minh City (Artwork)

Step 1 : Before making the declaration, take pictures of the following 02 pictures:

- Take a picture of the antigen rapid test tray that has just been tested and the result is positive

( Note : Must write the name and date of the test on the tray before taking pictures)

- Take a photo of your ID card/CCCD card or photo identification (health insurance certificate, driver's license, birth certificate, student card...).

Step 2 : Go to the address: (on a computer or smartphone with internet connection) and select " declare F0 ".

Step 3 : Enter the mobile phone number you are using in the box " Enter a verified phone number ", then click the button " Get OTP code ".

The system will automatically send the OTP code to the phone number entered in the form of SMS.

Enter the OTP code and press the “ Continue ” button . The system will switch to the “ Patient Information F0 ” screen.

Step 4: Enter complete information including:

- Personal information (attach photo of identity card/citizen identification card or photo identification document);

- History of underlying disease;

- Status of vaccination against COVID-19;

- Current symptoms, test results (attach pictures of positive test results).

(Note : The system only accepts "positive quick test date" as the current date that F0 makes the declaration)

After completing, press the " Save " button to send the declarant's information to the Health Station at the accommodation.

Step 5 : The system will send a message to the phone number of the person just declared with the content "The system has received the declaration information of Mr/Ms ……………………. Ward COVID-19 PCD Committee.... will contact Mr/Ms to verify information and support Mr/Ms in the shortest time possible. Thank you".

( Note : F0 when declaring must fully declare all information and be responsible for the declared information).

After F0 performs the above declaration steps, the commune health station verifies and receives F0 isolated at home, specifically:

When receiving a message informing that someone has declared F0, the staff of the assigned health station will log in to the health station's account at to perform the following tasks. following steps:

- Check personal information, medical history, vaccination history, test results, current symptoms and signs of seriousness (via F0's declaration).

- Call F0 to verify your name, quarantine address and home isolation conditions.

- Click the "receive" button after completing the above steps.

Depending on the situation of the number of F0 isolated at home in the commune-level area, the above steps can be performed by staff of the Medical Station, Mobile Medical Station; Teams to take care of people infected with COVID-19 in the community, mobile health teams, community COVID teams... implemented. Executors must be trained by medical centers and health stations.

(Source: Official Dispatch 1655/SYT-NVY dated 11/3/2022)



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