Ho Chi Minh City: 03 conditions for an individual to be granted a COVID Green Pass

According to Decision 3328/QD-BCD in 2021 on the set of evaluation criteria operating safely in the prevention and control of COVID-19 at production and commercial establishments in Ho Chi Minh City, a person has a "COVID Green Pass" when meeting the following conditions:

Ho Chi Minh City: 03 conditions for an individual to be granted a COVID Green Pass(Artwork)

(1)  Negative Covid-19 test (rapid test or RT-PCR) for occupations requiring testing under regulations.

(2)  Vaccinated or had Covid-19 and recovered.

Regarding vaccination requirements: For vaccines that require 2 doses: at least 01 dose, 02 weeks after vaccination date; For vaccines that require 1 dose: 02 weeks after vaccination date. A person who has received only 01 dose of a vaccine that requires 2 doses will be subject to more restrictions than a person who has received 02 doses and will be issued with a “COVID Green Pass (with limited access to certain activities)”.

In order to be considered having recovered from Covid-19, a person has to obtain the hospital discharge notice or isolation completion certificate issued by Steering Committee for Covid-19 Control of the ward, commune or commune-level town (hereinafter referred to as “commune”)

The isolation completion certificate will be issued to F0 cases who have completed home isolation as per regulations, F0 cases who test themselves, complete home isolation and are confirmed by the chiefs of neighborhoods or Covid-19 home treatment groups organized by medical universities, “oxygen ATM" organizations, volunteers who are retired doctors, etc. In case a person’s recovery from Covid-19 cannot be confirmed, he/she has to be vaccinated.

(3)  No close contact with F0 within 14 days.


- Holders of the “COVID Green Pass” may participate in business operation and social activities permitted by the city authorities.

- Holders of the “COVID Green Pass (with limited access to certain activities)” may participate in a limited number of activities depending on their working conditions, risk of infection and importance of such activities.

** Decision 3328/QD-BCD of Vietnam applies to employees, employers at units; supply partners; customers purchase and use goods and services provided by the following units:

Trading and goods supply units (systems of supermarkets, shopping malls, mini supermarkets, convenience stores, food retail stores; traditional markets; wholesale markets); enterprises/production facilities; offices of production, business and service providers in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Bao Ngoc


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