From March 10, 2021, you only need to graduate from high school to be able to work as a population collaborator in Vietnam

Below is the remarkable content specified at Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT stipulating standards and duties of population collaborators in Vietnam.

From March 10, 2021, you only need to graduate from high school to be able to work as a population collaborator in Vietnam (Illustration)

Specifically, Vietnam's Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT stipulates that population collaborators are volunteers who do population work in villages and must meet the following criteria:

- Having a high school diploma or higher. In villages with difficulties or with ethnic minority people who cannot choose people with sufficient education as above, people who have completed primary school should be selected; trained and deployed on the population according to professional content promulgated by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

- Currently living and working stably in the village where population collaborators are in charge; voluntarily participates as population collaborators; has a sense of responsibility, enthusiastically participates in social activities, has the ability to mobilize the masses; and is trusted by the community.

- Preference will be given to those who are doing village health work to participate as population collaborators.

- Healthy enough to perform the prescribed tasks.

According to Vietnam's Circular 05/2008/TT-BYT, population collaborators must be village or commune officials, retired civil servants, or people with a high school graduation education; for remote, mountainous, island, and disadvantaged areas, if they have not graduated from high school, they must have at least graduated from lower secondary school.

Vietnam's Circular 02/2021/TT-BYT has lowered the requirements for population workers from graduating from high school to graduating from lower secondary school; The same applies to remote, mountainous, island, and disadvantaged areas, from graduating from lower secondary school to completing primary school.

Thus from March 10, 2021, if people are healthy enough to work stably in the locality; have a sense of responsibility; and enthusiastically participate in social activities; have the ability to mobilize the masses and gain the trust of the community, they can become a population collaborator where you live.

Le Hai


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