Film industry development policy under the Cinematography Law 2022 in Vietnam

The National Assembly of Vietnam recently promulgated Cinema Law 2022 which stipulates the State's policies on the development of cinematography, film industry.

Film industry development policy under the Cinematography Law 2022 in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Specifically, in Article 5 of the Cinematography Law 2022, the State's policies on film and film industry development are as follows:

- The State shall adopt policies to mobilize resources, take measures to ensure a healthy business and investment environment, develop the film market, and create favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to participate in the film industry to build the film industry in association with socio-economic development and international integration.

- The State invests in and supports the following activities:

+ Film production is carried out according to the plan to serve political tasks on the topics of history, revolution, leaders, celebrities, national heroes, children, highlands, mountainous areas, borders, islands, etc. ethnic minority areas, preserving and promoting Vietnamese cultural values.

+ Composing film scripts; distributing and disseminating films; providing funding for organization, means and technical equipment for film dissemination in service of highland, mountainous, border areas, islands, ethnic minorities and rural areas; serving children, armed forces and other political, social, foreign and educational tasks.

(Compared to the old regulations in the Cinematography Law 2006, the Cinematography Law 2022 has added the field of investment in scriptwriting and dissemination of films on topics in remote areas, mountainous areas, islands, and ethnic minorities, as well as armed forces, politics, and society).

+ Organizing national and international film festivals, specialized and thematic film festivals, film programs, and film weeks in Vietnam; national and international film awards and competitions; film festivals, film programs, and Vietnamese film weeks abroad;

+ Receiving the transfer of ownership rights as well as the right to use film scripts and films of high ideological and artistic value for propaganda, education, research, archiving, and serving political tasks; editing, translating, and creating subtitles to serve the activities of introducing Vietnam and its people.

+ Increasing theoretical activities in film criticism, propaganda, cinema introduction, and aesthetic orientation.

+ Investigating and implementing cutting-edge scientific and technological advances in filmmaking.

+ Building and promoting the national cinema brand

+ Constructing and maintaining material-technical facilities and studios for film production, distribution, dissemination, depository, and archiving.

+ Creating a database and statistical infrastructure system for the film industry.

- The State shall adopt preferential policies on credit, tax, and land for organizations and individuals participating in cinematographic activities according to the provisions of law.

- The State encourages organizations and individuals to participate in activities specified in Clause 2, Article 5 of the Law on Cinema 2022 and the following activities:

+ Producing, distributing and disseminating films; to promote and promote the development of cinema; international cooperation, scientific research, technology transfer, provision of digital services for cinema development.

+ Providing financial services, credit, guarantees, mortgage intellectual property rights, and insurance products to the film industry.

+ Sponsoring and donating to cinematographic activities and cinema development support funds established by organizations and individuals.

(Compared to the Cinematography Law 2006, the Cinematography Law 2022 has added production and development of international cooperation in cinema)

- The Government shall detail Points d and e, Clause 2, Article 5 of the Cinematography Law 2022.

See more at the Cinematography Law 2022, effective from January 1, 2023.

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