Ethnic minority women who give birth to 1-2 children are supported up to 3 million VND

This is the content of supporting pregnant mothers who are ethnic minorities with specific difficulties as prescribed in Circular 15/2022/TT-BTC .

Ethnic minority women who give birth to 1-2 children are supported up to 3 million VND

Ethnic minority women who give birth to 1-2 children are supported up to 3 million VND (Artwork)

Specifically, in Clause 2, Article 44 of   Circular 15/2022/TT-BTC stipulates as follows:

Support for ethnic minority women with specific difficulties to give birth in accordance with the population policy: up to 03 million VND/mother

Accordingly, in Article 4 of Decree 104/2003/ND-CP , the goal of population policy is to maintain each couple have one or two children in order to stabilize the population size, ensure the population structure and reasonable population distribution, improve population quality.

Besides, according to Decree 39/2015/ND-CP , ethnic minority women give birth in accordance with the population policy in one of the following cases:

- Give birth to one or two children;

- Having a third child, if both husband and wife or one of them belong to an ethnic group with a population of less than 10,000 people or an ethnic group at risk of population decline (birth rate is less than or equal to the death rate) according to the law. official announcement of the Ministry of Planning and Investment;

- Having given birth for the first time but giving birth to three or more children;

- Having had one biological child, but giving birth to two or more children for the second time;

- Having given birth for the third time or more, if at the time of birth, only one biological child is still alive, including the biological one that has been adopted;

- Giving birth to a third child, if there are two biological children, but one or both of them are malformed or have a fatal non-hereditary disease, certified by the Medical Assessment Council at the provincial or central level;

- Giving birth to one or two children, if one of the spouses already has a child of his own (natural child);

- Having one child or two or more children in the same birth, if both husband and wife already have their own children (natural children); does not apply to cases where the couple has had two or more children together and the children are still alive;

- Women from poor households, unmarried ethnic minorities, residing in administrative units in disadvantaged areas, except those participating in compulsory social insurance, giving birth to one or two children or more in the same birth.

Thus, according to the above regulations, women who are ethnic minorities with specific difficulties giving birth to 1-2 children are entitled to a maximum support of 03 million VND/mother.

In addition, pregnant mothers who are ethnic minorities with specific difficulties are also supported:

- Organize nutrition counseling activities at least 03 times/pregnancy; maximum support level 30,000 VND/consultation/pregnant mother;

- Support technical staff to examine, monitor and manage pregnant mothers until giving birth: maximum 50,000 VND/time; no more than 04 times/pregnant woman;

- Nutritional support for mothers before, during and after birth: up to 500,000 VND/mother/pregnancy;

- Support pregnant women in screening and diagnosing a number of common congenital diseases according to the List of common congenital diseases prescribed by the Ministry of Health: Fees are based on the cost of medical examination and treatment services at the hospital. public medical facilities prescribed by competent authorities at the time of service provision; maximum 03 million VND/mother;

- Support travel expenses for pregnant women to medical facilities for antenatal check-ups and screening and diagnosis of some common congenital diseases: up to 500,000 VND/mother;

Circular 15/2022/TT-BTC  takes effect from May 1, 2022.



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