Drug users in rehab are not allowed to go bald in public facilities in Vietnam (Proposal)

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam issued draft Circular guiding the establishment, functions, tasks, structure; internal rules and regulations; prescribe codes and standards for professional titles of specialized public employees; regulations on the dress code of drug users and officials and employees at public rehab facilities.

Drug users in rehab  are not allowed to go bald in public facilities in Vietnam (Proposal) (Illustration)

According to the draft Circular, the internal rules for public rehab facilities in Vietnam are as follows:

1. Regulations on keeping order in internal affairs, meals, accommodation and activities in public rehab facilities in Vietnam

Drug users in rehab  at public facilities must follow the regulations:

- Regulations on attendance and face-checking.

- Eating on time; When going out to eat, they must line up in groups or teams, wear pants and long-sleeve t-shirts/shirts, shoes or sandals, do not cause disorder; receive the right portion of food, eat in the right place.

- Sleeping on time and the right place, do not cause disorder.

- Keeping ersonal hygiene; performing medical examinations and treatments under the guidance of people working at the rehab.

- Cutting their hair short but not bald; no beard or mustache for men, neat haircut for women.

- It is forbidden to threaten, bully, quarrel, or infringe on the body of oneself or others; sex, homosexuality, and other unhealthy relationships between drug users or with other people.

- It is forbidden to party, eat, drink, light fires, cook in living rooms, boarding areas, places of study, work, apprenticeships, infirmaries, and collective living places; write, draw, hang, stick pictures and photos, spit and throw garbage indiscriminately in public rehab facilities.

- It is forbidden to tattoo, carve, wear metal objects or other substances on your body or others, dye your hair, keep your fingernails and toenails long, and paint your fingernails and toenails.

- It is forbidden to possess and use alcohol, beer, tobacco, pipe tobacco, narcotics and other stimulants; weapons, poisons, explosives, chemicals, radioactive substances, flammable substances, and objects that can cause harm to yourself and others.

- It is forbidden to possess and  information and communication machinery and equipment, books, newspapers, documents, films, tapes, discs, electronic memory cards, cultural products with unhealthy contents; send or distribut illegal information and images to the outside or to the internet, social network.

- It is forbidden to perform the act of propagating, worshiping, divination, enticing or forcing other drug users in rehab to participate in superstitious and superstitious activities, performing superstitious acts, establishing or participating in religious association, group, or faction.

- It is forbidden to gamble, organize gambling, or bet in any form between drug users in rehab or with other people.

- It is forbidden to fight, disrupt order, cause disunity, incite, entice, coerce, assist others to obstruct officials on duty, or oppose the observance of internal rules and regulations of public rehab facilities and other provisions of law.

2. Regulations on obeying orders and spending time in public rehab facilities in Vietnam

- Strictly following the instructions of people working at public rehab facilities.

- Strictly following with regulations on orders, time for studying, working, living, resting, culture, art, physical training, sports, and entertainment.

- Quickly queuing up in groups or teams when ordered to assemble; maintaining order and absolutely obeying orders and instructions of people working at public rehab facilities.

3. Regulations on clothes, personal items in public rehab facilities in Vietnam

Drug user in rehab  at public facilities must:

- Dress neatly, wear clean pants and long-sleeve t-shirts/shirts when receiving treatment, studying, working, attending conferences, contests, sports festivals, ceremonies, collective activities, meeting relatives.

- Neatly, orderly fold, arrange, dry, and put in the right place pants, shirts, blankets, curtains, cover sheets, and personal belongings; Do not bring  tools, utensils except for the provided pants, clothes, mats, blankets, mosquito nets, blankets, and other necessary personal items into the room for treatment, working, studying, and entertainment according to regulations.

- Depositing assets and documents at the reformatory, such as: Vietnamese currency, machinery, equipment, citizen identification, household registration book, passport, diplomas, certificates, other valuable documents, and unused clothes and personal belongings.

- Keep pants and shirts clean and do not lend, repair, write or draw on in any form the pants and shirts provided.

See more details in the draft circular.

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