Do people with Herniated Disc have to perform military service in Vietnam?

If you are not healthy enough, your military service will be suspended. So in case of herniated disc disease, can military service be postponed in Vietnam?

Do people with Herniated Disc have to perform military service in Vietnam? (Source: Internet)

According to Clause 1, Article 5 of Circular 148/2018/TT-BQP, stipulating cases of postponement of enlistment as follows:

- Citizen whose health is unsatisfactory for active military service according to the conclusion of pre-enlistment check-up board.

- Citizen being the only breadwinner who directly takes care of his relatives who lost working capacity or under working age; citizen being the only breadwinner in a family suffering serious damage to humans and property due to dangerous accidents, disasters, epidemics confirmed by the People’s Committees of the communes, wards, towns (hereinafter referred to as “communes”).

- Citizen who is a child of sick soldiers, people infected with dioxin and suffering labor capacity reduction from 61% to 80%.

- Citizen whose biological siblings is a non-commissioned officer/active duty enlisted soldier or a non-commissioned officer/enlisted soldier performing service in People’s Army.

- Citizen who subject to emigration or evacuation in the first 03 years to extremely disadvantaged communes according to the socio-economic development project of the State decided by the People's Committees of provinces or higher levels.

- Citizen who is an official or a youth volunteer assigned to an extremely disadvantage socio-economic area according the law provisions.

- Citizen who is studying at a compulsory education institution or receiving training or university level at a higher education institution or training of college level at a vocational education institution for a training course of a level.

For cases of Herniated Disc during a military service examination, the regulations are as follows:

According to Chapter II, Appendix 1 of Joint Circular 16/2016/TTLT-BYT-BQP on criteria for disease classification, herniated disc disease belongs to neurological and mental diseases, including 3 levels as follows:

+ Mild (4 points);

+ Moderate (5 points);

+ Severe (6 points).

-How to classify health status when performing a medical examination for military service in Vietnam

Based on the score for 8 criteria recorded in the military service health card to classify, specifically as follows:

+ Category 1: 8 indicators all achieved 1 point.

+ Category 2: There is at least 1 criterion with 2 points;

+ Category 3: There is at least 1 criterion with 3 points;

+ Category 4: There is at least 1 criterion with a score of 4;

+ Category 5: There is at least 1 criterion with a score of 5;

+ Category 6: There is at least 1 criterion with a score of 6.

According to Point a, Clause 3, Article 4 of Circular 148/2018/TT-BQP on health standards, only citizens in category 1, 2, and 3 health are selected according to the provisions of Joint Circular No. 16/2016/TTLT-BYT-BQP;

Thus, if the disc herniation is classified into 3 levels as assessed by the Medical Examination Council of Vietnam according to regulations, the call to military service will be postponed due to insufficient health to serve in the army.

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