Do not recommend people who are too ambitious for power for a positions in National Assembly of Vietnam

Below is one of the common standards of Deputies to the XV National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 term specified in Vietnam's Instruction 36-HD/BTCTW .

Do not recommend people who are too ambitious for power for a positions in National Assembly of Vietnam

Specifically, according to Guidelines 36 of the Central Organization Committee on the Standards of Deputies to the 15th National Assembly, candidates for National Assembly of Vietnam must ensure the standards of National Assembly deputies in accordance with the provisions of Vietnam's Law on Organization of the National Assembly. Specifically,

  • Being devoted to the Fatherland, the People, and the Constitution; working to complete the renovation work in order to achieve the goals of a prosperous people, a strong country, democracy, justice, and civilization.Having good moral qualities, needs, thrift, integrity, righteousness, justice, impartiality, exemplary law observance;
  • Having a strong political will, resolutely fighting against corruption, waste, all manifestations of bureaucracy, bossiness, domination, and other violations of the law;

  • Having the education, expertise, capacity, health, working experience, and reputation to perform the duties of a National Assembly deputy;

  • Staying in close contact with the people, listening to the people's opinions and aspirations, gaining the people's trust. have conditions to participate in the activities of the National Assembly.

In particular, National Assembly candidates who are working at state agencies, political organizations, socio-political organizations, public non-business units, and foreign state-owned enterprises must meet the general standards. must also

  • Being a typical and excellent cadre, civil servant, public employee, and employee; having a firm political opinion and stance;
  • Being capable of analysis, policy making, law formulation, expertise and practical experience suitable to the expected position; showing the responsibility of setting an example to cadres and party members, not violating regulations on what party members, cadres, civil servants and public employees must not do;

  • Failing to introduce and include in the list of candidates those who show political opportunities and ambitions for power; having a partial, conservative, stagnant mindset; being inspected and checked for signs of violations; heads of agencies, organizations, and units that cause corruption, wastefulness, or disunity to occur; those who violate Regulation 126-QD/TW dated 28/02/2018 of the Politburo or have political problems that have not been concluded Do not let unworthy people, those who run for office, run for the right to join the National Assembly.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Instruction 36-HD/BTCTW dated January 20, 2021.


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