Criteria of hazardous waste treatment technologies

Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTNMT this section shall provide for criteria for hazardous waste treatment technologies.

Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTNMT, which means hazardous waste treatment technology satisfies the following criteria:

-  Criteria to determine technology for evaluation is as follows:

+ The technology is on the list of technologies restricted from transfer under the law on technology transfer;

+ Technologies which are likely to cause adverse impacts on the environment: destruction, recycling and recovery of metals, metal oxides, metal or chemical salt; treatment of wastewater; treatment, recycling and recovery of chemicals.

- Criteria of technology:

+ Origin and origin of machinery, equipment and technology lines prioritized technology certified, appraised and assessed by competent agencies to meet environmental standards and technical regulations and suit the conditions of Vietnam;

+ Level of mechanization, automation; possibility of expansion and increase of capacity;

+ Advance and priority of hazardous waste treatment technology;

+ The degree of conformity of standards and regulations on production of machinery, equipment and technological lines with the provisions of the national technical regulations or Vietnam standards or the standards of G7 countries and Korea on safety, energy saving and environmental protection; encourage the application of environmentally friendly technologies, the best existing ones, the treatment technology combined with energy recovery;

+ The synchronism of equipment in the technological chain, the possibility of use and replacement of domestic components and spare parts, the localization rate of the technological system and equipment;

+ Degree of automation in operation of processing technology, life expectancy and durability of machinery and equipment in the technological line.

- Environmental and social issues:

+ Ensuring technical standards and regulations on environment for emissions and wastewater generated during the treatment of hazardous waste;

+ saving land area of used land of hazardous waste treatment technology system;

+ Level of reuse and recovery of components with value from hazardous waste;

+ Levels affecting the environment, ecosystems and humans during the operation of hazardous waste treatment technologies and after-treatment products;

+ The levels of environmental risks and the capacity to prevent and remedy technical incidents;

+ Capability of training local human resources to participate in the management and operation of equipment, and the maintenance and repair of equipment in a proficient manner;

+ Ensuring regulations, standards and regulations on the quality of recycled products in accordance with the law on standards, metrology and product and goods quality.

-  Economically:

+ The capacity to sell products derived from the recycling and treatment of wastes of the project;

+ Potential and economic value bringing from the reuse of waste, energy and useful products generated after hazardous waste treatment;

+  Calculation of conformity in the cost of construction and equipment installation; cost of operation, maintenance and repair.

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