Commendation for a typical family in life-ethical education in Vietnam

Commendation for a typical family in life-ethical education in Vietnam is the content specified in Decision 1724/QD-BVHTTDL dated July 22, 2022, on a plan to implement the program of life-ethical education in the family until 2030.

Commendation for a typical family for moral education and lifestyle in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

According to this Plan, some of the contents of implementing the program of ethics and lifestyle education in the family by 2030 in Vietnam are as follows:

- Continue to innovate communication work to raise awareness of the family, community, and society about the importance of moral education and lifestyle in the family.

+ Strongly innovate and diversify forms of communication. Focus on propagating and disseminating the Party's guidelines and lines, the State's policies and laws on moral building, lifestyle, and family development in Vietnam.

Set a good example of good people, good deeds, typical family models, good habits, exemplary grandparents, parents, filial descendants, harmonious husband and wife, solidarity and love among brothers and sisters; criticize deviant acts, violations of ethical standards, traditional cultural values and customs, such as child marriage and inbreeding.

+ Develop a network of collaborators participating in propaganda and raising awareness about ideals, ethics, and lifestyle for family members.

+ Every year, on the occasion of International Day of Happiness on March 20 and Vietnam Family Day on June 28, organize communication campaigns on the topics of happy family, moral education, lifestyle, and family culture of behavior, which are suitable for practical conditions to create spillover and strong social effect honoring family values.

- Step up the state management of the family.

+ Review, develop, and promulgate documents guiding, deploying, and urging ministries, branches, and localities to implement the Program and set of behavioral criteria in the family.

+ Encourage and train staff at all levels of the organization who perform family work; program implementation; and program implementation.

+ Develop and sign interdisciplinary cooperation programs between relevant agencies on the implementation of moral education and lifestyle in the family.

+ Build and replicate models and clubs about typical, happy, and model families.

- Effectively promote grassroots cultural institutions to improve the spiritual life of family members.

+ Promote the effective use of grassroots cultural and sports institutions to serve the needs of healthy entertainment, exercise, and sports, contributing to building Vietnamese people's physical and mental health.

+ Strengthen the role of the system of cultural houses, traditional houses, grassroots libraries, and institutions of cultural and historical works in the education of ideals, ethics, lifestyles, and cultural behavior standards for family members, particularly the younger generation.

+ Incorporate moral education and family lifestyle content into the activities of the movement "All people unite to build cultural life."

- Promoting the role of the family in moral and lifestyle education.

+ Communicating with grandparents, parents, and elderly family members in order to promote their roles, responsibilities, and set examples in moral education, lifestyle, and cultural standards of behavior in the family in order to provide comprehensive education and harmony in virtue, intelligence, body, and beauty for the younger generation, teenagers, and children.

+ Organize activities to implement the Family Conduct Criteria for the period 2022-2025; 2025-2030 aims to achieve the goal of reaching 70% of households registered to implement the Code of Conduct in the Family by 2025 and over 90% by 2030.

- Promote the application of information technology and digital transformation in moral education and lifestyle in the family.

+ Effectively exploiting information technology applications and enhancing digital transformation in moral education and lifestyle for family members suitable for each age group and target group.

+ Apply software and tools in cyberspace to capture information and direct public opinion on building a prosperous, progressive, happy, and civilized family; promptly detect and prevent risks, conflicts, and violence in the family.

- Timely praise and reward organizations and individuals that have made active and effective contributions to moral education and lifestyle in the family.

+ Continue to improve the quality of emulation titles in family work, building a cultural family.

+ On the occasion of the program's preliminary and final reviews, recognize and reward organizations and individuals who have made active and effective contributions to moral education and family lifestyle; typical families; exemplary grandparents; exemplary parents; filial children; harmonious husband and wife; brothers; sisters; brothers and sisters unite and love each other.

- Effectively mobilize and use resources for family work, giving priority to rural and mountainous areas, ethnic minority areas with extremely disadvantageous economic conditions, and areas where there are many industrial parks and manufacturing areas;

Promote socialization, encourage and create conditions for individuals, organizations and businesses to support officials and employees to participate in and study the content of moral education and family lifestyle.

- To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant agencies in, annually inspecting, monitoring, evaluating and reporting to competent authorities on the results of the Program's implementation; organize a preliminary review of the implementation of the Program by 2025, a review by 2030.

For details, see Vietnam's Decision 1724/QD-BVHTTDL dated July 22, 2022.


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