Cases in which film dissemination to be stopped from January 1, 2023 in Vietnam

Film dissemination means the introduction of films to the public by means of projection, broadcasting on television, or posting on the Internet and other audiovisual media. Currently, there are no regulations on the cases in which film dissemination is stopped. However, Cinema Law 2022 has added regulations regarding this matter as below:

Cases in which film dissemination to be stopped from January 1, 2023 in Vietnam(Source: Internet)

According to Article 30 of Vietnam's Cinematography Law 2022, regulations on stopping the dissemination of films have been added, specifically as follows:

The competent state agency shall decide to stop the dissemination of films in documents, clearly stating the reasons, time and time limit for stopping the dissemination of films in one of the following cases:

- For reasons of national defense, security, natural disasters, epidemics, or emergencies.

- Violating the provisions of Article 9 of Vietnam's Cinematography Law 2022, specifically:

+ Violating the Constitution and laws; inciting opposition to or sabotaging the implementation of the Constitution and laws;

+ Propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; undermining the great national unity bloc; causing harm to Vietnam's national interests, ethnicity, and cultural values; insulting the Vietnam's National Flag, Party Flag, National Emblem, and National Anthem;

+ Propaganda inciting aggression, instilling hatred and discrimination among ethnic groups and people from other countries, spreading reactionary ideas and social evils, and destroying culture and social morality

+ Distorting the Vietnam's history, denying revolutionary achievements; offending the nation, famous people, national heroes; improperly expressed, infringing upon national sovereignty; slandering and offending the reputation of agencies and organizations and the honor and dignity of individuals;

+ Spreading and supporting terrorism and extremism;

+ Inciting and offending religious beliefs and practices; propagating and promoting illegal religious beliefs and practices;

+ Disclosing state secrets, private life secrets, and other secrets as prescribed by law;

+ Using images, sounds, dialogues, scenes of beatings, torture, brutal murder, brutality, and other offensive acts to incite violence and criminal acts.infringing upon human dignity, except in the case of displaying such content to criticize, denounce, and condemn crimes, uphold justice, and honor traditional and cultural values;

+ Show details of images, sounds, lewd, depraved, incestuous dialogues;

+ Violating the lawful rights and interests of children and minors;

Violation of principles of gender equality, gender stereotypes, gender discrimination.

+ Showing and distributing films in cinemas, on television systems, and in public cinema venues without a film classification license issued by a competent state agency in charge of cinema (hereinafter referred to as the "Film rating license") or the broadcasting decision of a press agency that has a license to operate television (hereinafter referred to as the Broadcasting decision);

+ Disseminating movies in cyberspace without classification, and displaying movie classification results in accordance with the Cinematography Law 2022 provisions;

+ Changing or falsifying movie content and movie classification results for movies that have been granted Film Rating Licenses or Broadcasting Decisions;

+ Producing, distributing and disseminating films, depositing and storing films that do not follow the regulations of the Cinematographic Law, Law on Intellectual Property and other relevant laws;

+ Distributing and disseminating films for which a decision has been made to revoke the movie classification license or broadcast decision;

+ Copying movies without the consent of the film owners, unless otherwise provided for by the Law on Intellectual Property;

+ Copying movies without the consent of the film owners, unless otherwise provided for by the Law on Intellectual Property;

+ Failing to notify competent state agencies when disseminating films at public movie venues;

+ Appraise and grant license for film classification in contravention of the law in Vietnam.

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