Adding goods with price determined by the State in Vietnam

Department of Law Intellectual Property Amendment 2022, effective from January 1, 2023, has added intellectual property goods to the list of goods determined by the State in Vietnam

Adding goods with price determined by the State in Vietnam (Source: internet)

Specifically, in Clause 4, Article 2 of the amended Law on Intellectual Property 2022, the following types of intellectual property goods have been added to the list of goods set by the State with a price bracket, and the specific price is specified at Point c, Clause 3, Article 19 of
Vietnam's Law on Prices:

"Royalties for exploiting and using works, phonograms and video recordings in case of limitation of copyright or related rights in accordance with Vietnam's Law on Intellectual Property.

Thus, from January 1, 2023, the list of goods determined by the State in Vietnam is as follows:

* Specific pricing for:

- Aviation services, including: take-off and landing services; operating flights to and from; support to ensure flight operations; customer service; aviation security assurance and flight control services through the flight information area managed by Vietnam;

- Telecommunications connection service;

- Electricity: electricity transmission price; electricity system auxiliary service prices;

* Pricing bracket for:

- Electricity generation price;

- Wholesale price of electricity;

- Average retail price of electricity;

- Prices of other aviation services;

- Ground rent and essential service prices at airports and airfields;

* Set price brackets and specific prices for:

- Land, water surface, underground water and forests are owned by the entire people, represented by the State, and clean water for daily life;

- Prices for rent, lease-purchase of social houses and official-duty houses built with expenditures from the state budget; selling prices or rental prices of state-owned houses;

- Medical examination and treatment services and education and training services at state medical examination and treatment establishments, education and training institutions;

- Royalties when exploiting and using works, phonograms or video recordings in case of limitation of copyright or related rights in accordance with the provisions of the Vietnam's Law on Intellectual Property;

* Maximum or minimum pricing for:

- National reserve goods in accordance with the law on national reserves; goods and services ordered by the State and assigned production and business plans; public-utility products and services, public non-business services funded by the state budget, except for services which are set by the State in a price bracket and at a specific price level;

- Domestically produced tobacco products;

- Rental prices for state assets being infrastructure works.

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