06 cases where party members are exempted or have not been disciplined

The Central Executive Committee has just issued Guidance 02-HD/TW dated December 9, 2021 on the implementation of a number of contents on inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party.

06 cases where party members are exempted or have not been disciplined

06 cases of Party members being exempted or not disciplined (Artwork)

Accordingly, there are 6 cases where Party members are exempted, not handled or have not yet considered and disciplined as follows:

(1) Party members comply with the decisions of their superiors but promptly report in writing or reserve their opinions before competent party organizations or individuals that make decisions contrary to the Party's regulations and the State's laws. , shall be considered for exemption or reduction of liability when the competent party organization concludes that the decision is a violation.

(2) The party organization has the authority to vote for discipline, compare the results with the statute of limitations for disciplinary action, if the time limit has passed as prescribed, the party organization or party member that commits violations will not be disciplined. The statute of limitations is calculated from the time the party organization or party member commits an act of violation until the competent party organization concludes that the violation is serious enough to require disciplinary action.

(3) Party members implement proposals on innovation and creativity permitted by competent authorities in accordance with the Central Government's regulations, but fail to achieve or only partially achieve the set goals or face risks and damage. In case of harm, the competent authority must promptly identify objective and subjective causes, make an impartial assessment for consideration and handling. be considered for exemption or reduction of liability.

(4) Party members are certified by a competent authority to have lost civil act capacity, difficulty in awareness, behavior control, limitation in civil act capacity when violations occur. not disciplined; Competent party organizations must carry out procedures for party members to leave the Party.

(5) Party member is a woman who is pregnant, is on maternity leave, is raising a child under 12 months old, or is a male party member (in case his wife dies or because of other objective or force majeure reasons). If they are raising children under 12 months of age, they have not been considered and disciplined.

(6) Party members who are seriously ill and are undergoing intensive inpatient treatment at a hospital for treatment, if there is a conclusion from a competent health authority, they may be postponed until their health recovers before considering. disciplined.

Guideline 02-HD/TW is disseminated to the cell and implemented from December 9, 2021.



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