05 Requirements on urban lighting planning in Vietnam

What are the requirements on urban lighting planning in Vietnam? - Bich Tram (Lam Dong, Vietnam)

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05 Requirements on urban lighting planning in Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

1. What is urban lighting planning?

According to Clause 1, Article 9 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP, urban lighting planning constitutes a content of urban planning, which is formulated, appraised, approved and managed under the law on urban planning.

Specifically, urban lighting includes the

- Lighting of traffic works;

- Lighting of public spaces;

- Lighting of work facades;

- Advertisement and decoration lighting and lighting of festival areas:

- Lighting in premises of works owned, managed and used by organizations or individuals.

(Clause 2, Article 2 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP)

2. Requirements on urban lighting planning in Vietnam

Specifically, in Article 10 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP, the requirements on urban lighting planning are as follows:

(1) To comply with the requirements and objectives of urban planning and development.

(2) To suit natural, economic and social conditions as well as the characteristics, functions and particularities of each urban center.

(3) To be in synchronism with technical infrastructure facilities and suitable to lighted works and areas.

(4) To comply with technical regulations and standards on urban lighting.

(5) To ensure the lighting purposes of electricity saving and efficiency.

3. Contents of urban lighting planning in Vietnam

Basic contents of the urban lighting planning:

- Investigation and assessment of current conditions of urban lighting systems:

- Determination of economic and technical norms of urban lighting;

- Forecast of urban lighting demands;

- Proposed tentative urban lighting planning;

- Proposed priority investment projects and measures to implement the urban lighting planning.

(Clause 1, Article 11 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP)

4. Urban lighting management principles and development policies in Vietnam

Article 3 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP stipulates the urban lighting management principles and development policies as follows:

- Urban lighting constitutes a specialized urban technical infrastructure uniformly managed with specific assignment and decentralization of responsibilities and powers under law.

- Urban lighting must ensure economical, efficient and safe use of electricity, environmental protection and comply with technical standards.

- Urban lighting must be planned; urban lighting development and investment must comply with approved urban planning or urban lighting planning.

- The State shall formulate strategies for urban lighting development, aiming to invest in construction and unceasingly raise the operation efficiency of urban lighting works, ensuring the quality of urban lighting and incrementally modernizing and developing urban centers in a sustainable manner.

- The State encourages domestic and foreign organizations and individuals of all economic sectors to invest in, produce arid use high-efficacy and electricity-saving lighting products.

- Upon repair, replacement and installation of lighting sources and equipment at construction works and urban lighting facilities funded with state budget capital, lighting sources and equipment with certificates of energy-saving products issued by or bearing energy-saving stamps affixed by competent agencies under law must be used

5. Prohibited acts regarding urban lighting management in Vietnam

Individuals and organizations are prohibited from the following acts regarding urban lighting management:

- Designing or constructing urban lighting works in contravention of urban planning or urban lighting planning and designs approved by competent authorities.

- Organizing urban lighting in contravention of regulations.

- Using electricity sources supplied for urban lighting systems for other purposes.

- Stealing urban lighting equipment.

- Abusing lighting to cause bad impacts on the environment, human health and urban safety and beauty.

- Manufacturing or importing lighting sources and lighting equipment at variance with technical regulations.

- Managing and operating urban public-lighting systems in contravention of regulations.

- Other acts of violation prescribed by law.

(Article 8 of Decree 79/2009/ND-CP)

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