05 requirements for environmental protection of the production facilities and households in the handicraft village must meet.

Which environmental protection requirements must be met by production establishments or households operating within a trade village as from 2022?.

Pursuant to Article 34 of Decree No. 08/2022/NĐ-CP Environmental protection facilities and production households in craft villages must satisfy the following requirements:

- Having rainwater and wastewater collection and drainage systems under regulations of local administrations, which must be conformable with environmental protection infrastructure of craft villages.

- Having wastewater treatment facilities or on-site wastewater treatment facilities and equipment up to environmental technical regulations in case environmental protection infrastructure of a craft village has no centralized wastewater treatment system.

- Having a emission treatment work or on-site emission treatment work or equipment up to environmental technical regulations, in case emissions are generated and must be treated in accordance with law.

- Take technical measures to minimize noise, vibration, light, dust and heat radiation to avoid the pollution to the surrounding environment.

- To have solid waste collection and storage measures and works in accordance with law.

Under Clause 1, Article 35 of Decree No. 08/2022/ND-CP:

"Article 35. Relocation of production facilities and households out of trade villages and conversion of trades that do not encourage the development in trade villages

1. Business lines or trades which are not encouraged in a trade village include:

a) Production lines are not rural trades as prescribed by the Government on development of rural trades;

b) Lines of manufacturing possibly causing environmental pollution prescribed in Appendix II of this Decree;

c) Business sectors or industries involving the use of fuel, raw materials or flammable, explosive chemicals, chemicals restricted from business according to law on chemicals;

d) Business lines of using technological lines, backward machinery and equipment under the list of technologies restricted from transfer as prescribed by law on technology transfer."

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