05 criteria of family behavior (latest)

Recently, the set of criteria for family conduct, issued together with Decision 224/QD-BVHTTDL dated January 28, 2022, includes five criteria as follows:

05 criteria of behavior in the family (latest) (Illustration image)

1. Common behavior criteria: Respect, equality, love, sharing

- The principle of “Respect”: Properly assessing, valuing each other's honor, dignity, viewpoints, choices and interests; respect each other's right to freedom of belief and religion.

(Compared to before, supplementing the principle of respecting each other's right to freedom of belief and religion)

- The principle of "Equality": Having equal obligations and rights, being given conditions and opportunities to promote their capacities for the development of their families and equally enjoying the fruits of that development.

(Previously, it was only stipulated that there were equal obligations and rights in all aspects of the family).

- The principle of "Love": Having feelings of attachment, caring for each other.

- The principle of "Sharing": Cultivating feelings together, sharing joys and sorrows, helping each other in times of difficulty and tribulation.

2. Behavior criteria of husband and wife: Loyalty, love

- Husband and wife build a stable marriage together, without violating the monogamous marriage regime.

- Love, care, care and help each other; share household chores, share responsibility for raising children, do housework, and contribute to family finances.

(Previously, it was regulated to take care of each other; share responsibilities in raising children, doing housework, contributing to family finances).

- Create conditions to help each other choose careers, study, improve qualifications, participate in political, economic, cultural and social activities. (New content added)

- Listen, discuss, agree and decide on common family issues; be gentle with each other.

Thus, the new regulation clearly states that husband and wife must jointly share household chores, have the same responsibility to raise children, and do housework.

3. Behavior criteria of parents with children, grandparents with grandchildren: exemplary, loving

- Parents and grandparents set good examples for children and grandchildren in gestures, actions and words; have a close bond with their children.

- Caring for, nurturing, caring for and teaching children when they are young; When children and grandchildren are not able to feed and take care of themselves.

- Passing on traditional values ​​and life experiences to children and grandchildren; educate and encourage their children and grandchildren to adopt a cultural lifestyle, be civic-minded, and maintain order and family etiquette.

4. Criteria for children's behavior towards parents, grandchildren and grandparents: Filial piety, politeness

- Respect, politeness and filial piety to grandparents and parents; love, care, share feelings and aspirations with parents and family members.

- Study, practice, maintain family rules, assist parents and family members with jobs appropriate to their age and gender. (New content added)

- Visiting, caring, encouraging, and nurturing parents and grandparents when their parents and grandparents are sick, old and weak, or facing difficulties in life.

5. Behavior criteria of brothers, sisters and brothers: Harmony, sharing

- Brothers, sisters, I respect and tell each other good and right things.

- You are tolerant towards me, I respect you.

- Share household chores together, help each other in times of difficulty and distress.

Decision 224/QD-BVHTTDL takes effect from January 28, 2022 and replaces Decision 4843/QD-BVHTTDL dated December 8, 2017.



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