What is urban planning? Requirements on urban planning in Vietnam

What is urban planning? What are the requirements on urban planning in Vietnam? - Hoang Huy (Phu Yen)

What is urban planning?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Urban Planning 2009, urban planning is the organization of the space, architecture, urban landscape and system of technical and social infrastructure facilities and houses in order to create an appropriate living environment for people living in an urban center, which is expressed on an urban plan.

In which, urban center is an area with a dense population mainly engaged in non-agricultural economic activities, which is a political, administrative, economic, cultural or specialized center playing the role of promoting the socio­economic development of a country, a territorial region or a locality, and consists of inner city and suburbs, for a city; inner town and outskirts, for a town; and townships.

What is urban planning? Requirements on urban planning in Vietnam

What is urban planning? Requirements on urban planning in Vietnam (Internet image)

Requirements on urban planning in Vietnam 

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Law on Urban Planning 2009 and Clause 2, Article 29 of the Law on amendments to some articles concerning planning of 37 Laws 2018, urban planning must satisfy the following requirements:

-  To realize urban and area system planning, regional planning and provincial planning; conform to socio - economic development, national defense and security strategy; conform to national planning, regional planning and provincial planning; ensure publicity and transparency, and harmony of national interests, community interests and individual interests.

- To make scientific forecasts, meet practical requirements and be in line with the urban development trend; to observe urban planning regulations and other related ones.

- To protect the environment, prevent catastrophes affecting the community, improve landscape, conserve cultural and historical relics and local traits through strategic environmental assessment in the course of urban planning.

- To rationally exploit and utilize natural resources, restrict the use of agricultural land, economically and efficiently use urban land in order to create resources for urban development, economic growth, assurance of social welfare, defense and security and sustainable development.

- To ensure synchronism in architectural space, system of urban social and technical infrastructure and underground space; to harmoniously develop different areas in urban centers.

- To meet the needs for houses, health, educational, cultural, sports and trade facilities, parks, trees, water surface and other social infrastructure facilities.

- To meet the needs for technical infrastructure including systems of roads, energy supply, public lighting, water supply and drainage, waste treatment, information and communication, and other technical infrastructure facilities; ensure smooth connection of technical infrastructure systems within urban centers and compatibi

Contents of state management of urban planning in Vietnam

The state management of urban planning includes the contents specified in Article 13 of the Law on Urban Planning 2009 and Point c, Clause 3, Article 39 of the Law on Architecture 2019 as follows:

- Formulating, and directing the materialization of, urban development orientations and strategies.

- Promulgating, and organizing the implementation of, legal documents on management of urban planning activities.

- Issuing regulations and standards on urban planning, and regulations on management of architecture.

- Managing urban planning activities.

- Propagating, disseminating and educating in the law and information on urban planning.

- Organizing and managing the training and retraining of human resources, research and application of sciences and technologies in urban planning activities.

- Conducting international cooperation in urban planning activities.

- Examining, inspecting and settling complaints and denunciations and handling violations in urban planning activities.

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