Vietnam: What you should bring when replacing your Citizen ID card to one with chip. What are the procedures for this matter?

This is a question that a lot of customers and members of Lawnet have asked recently as provinces and cities across Vietnam started to issue electronic chip-mounted citizen ID cards from January 2021.

Regarding this issue, Lawnet shall answer as follows:

(1) What should I bring when replacing my ID card with a Citizen ID card with chip in Vietnam?

People who want to replace their Citizen ID card with an electronic chip must bring their household registration book, barcode Citizen ID card, or 9-digit and 12-digit ID cards in use to the district-level police office, provincial-level police station, or the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam's Citizen ID card management agency.

In order to be granted a valid Citizen ID card with a chip, people must fully supplement the mandatory information fields in the household registration book, especially information about day, month, and year of birth; country of origin; ethnicity; nationality; etc. Therefore, people need to check and compare the information in the household registration book. If it is incomplete or inaccurate, they need to contact the police office where the procedures for permanent residence registration are done to adjust and supplement before going to do Citizen ID card with chip.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the police department for administrative management of social order (PC06) said that at the place of issuing Citizen ID cards, citizens only need to provide personal information. Data is extracted into Citizen ID card grant software to carry out the grant process. Citizens do not need to declare or sign any papers according to the previous process of issuing Citizen ID card barcodes (except for cases where citizens do not have population information or information has changed or adjusted). People only need to present their household registration book, ID card/Citizen ID card, or legal papers when there is no residential information data or there is a change or adjustment of personal information.

(2) Which agency in Vietnam do people have to go to to change to Citizen ID card with a chip?

To change to Citizen ID card with a chip, people can go to one of the following agencies:

- The citizen identification management agency of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam;

- The citizen identification management agency of the Public Security of the province or city under central authority;

- The citizen identification management agency of the police department of the district, town, provincial city, or equivalent administrative unit;

- Competent citizen identification management agencies shall organize procedures for the issuance of citizen identity cards at communes, wards, townships, agencies, units or at citizens' places of residence in case of necessity.

(3) What is the procedure to change to the Citizen ID card with the chip installed?

The Citizen ID card is replaced with a chip-mounted one as follows:

Step 1: The citizen fills in the Citizenship Identity Declaration (in person or online).

Step 2: Citizens must present their Citizen ID card or previous ID card.

Step 3: Citizens pay the Citizen ID card issuance fee according to regulations.

Step 4: The Citizen ID card management agency officer issues an appointment letter to return the Citizen ID card to the person who comes to carry out the procedures.

Step 5: Pick up the results at the receiving location or pay by mail.


  • If people already have a 12-digit ID/Citizen ID card, when changing to a Citizen ID card with a chip, the number will still be the same. Thus, these drunken transactions of people will not be affected.


    If people are still using the old 9-digit ID cards, they will be changed to a Citizen ID card with a 12-digit chip. The change of this Citizen ID card number will be confirmed by the competent authorities in the household registration book or a certificate of change of the ID card number.


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