Vietnam: In which case shall public employee dossiers be amended?

Hi Lawnet, I have the following question: In which case shall public employee dossiers be amended? - Hung Dung (Tien Giang, Vietnam)

Vietnam: In which case shall public employee dossiers be amended?

1. Who are public employees?

Public employees are Vietnamese citizens recruited according to working positions, working in public non-business units under working contracts and salaried from salary funds of public non-business units in accordance with Article 2 of the Law on Public Employees 2010.

2. In which case shall public employee dossiers be amended?

Clause 1, Article 12 of Vietnam's Circular 07/2019/TT-BNV stipulates the amendment to public employee dossiers as follows:

- Before December 31 of every year or at the request of management authorities, employing units shall provide guidance on declaration and supplementation of information produced within the year related to their public employees and family and social relations thereof using the public employee curriculum vitae supplemental sheet for their public employees.

Public employees shall submit copies of degrees and certificates granted within the year (if any) together with the public employee curriculum vitae supplemental sheet.

- Declarants shall take responsibility before the law for information insufficiently, inaccurately or deceitfully declared.

As such, public employees must make periodic declarations before December 31 of each year, at the request of state management agencies in charge of public employee records, and units employing public employees about the information arising in the year related to self, family relations, society.

3. Public employee curriculum vitae supplementary sheet

Public employee curriculum vitae supplementary sheet is prescribed according to Form HS03-VC/BNV in Vietnam's Circular 07/2019/TT-BNV as follows:

Public employee curriculum vitae supplementary sheet

4. Instructions for filling public employee curriculum vitae supplementary sheet

* Heading section:

- Specify the name of the agency managing the public employees, the name of the unit employing the public employee, and the employee number.

- The name of the officer's curriculum vitae supplement must clearly state the time from which date to which date.

- Information about the employee:

+ Full name of birth: recorded on the birth certificate.

+ Information about date of birth, gender, current place of residence.

+ Specify the position and title that the officer is holding.

+ Specify the officer's job title, code, salary grade, salary coefficient, salary date, position allowance, and other allowances.

+ Information on Party admission: specify the date of Party admission and the official date of Party change.

* Main section

+ Specify all changes in title, position, working agency:

Public employees specify the titles and positions for which they are appointed, elected, relieved of duty or assigned to work; changes in job content, working units, conferred titles, etc. from time to time are required to be declared.

- Specify changes in learning to improve professional qualifications. The official declares clearly the following: the name of the school, the name of the training major, the duration of the study, the form of training, the diplomas and certificates granted after the course.

- The officer clearly states new rewards and discipline (if any).

- The official declares the details of the working time abroad: The official shall specify the start and end time of the business trip (only declare trips over 6 months), specify the country, the work to carry out, and for which agency or organization.

- Current health status: Specify health status, chronic diseases as well as basic information about blood type, height, and weight.

- Regarding personal economy: Declare new assets such as real estate, large-value properties, etc. that the public employee himself bought, inherited, or given.

- Changes in family: Specify changes in the number of members and economic and political interests of members of the official's family.

* Last section:

- The official declares clearly the place and date and then signs and writes his full name on the sheet.

- The head of the unit employing the official shall sign for certification and stamp the sheet.

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