Vietnam: Citizen will be able to report temporary absence via phone

In the near future, when Law on Residence 2020 takes effect (July 1, 2021) ) it brings the citizens a lot of benefits. For example, people can continue to use paper household registration until the end of December 31, 2022; information on residents' residences will be updated on the Residency Database; it is easier to import household registration in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi; and moreover, people can declare temporary absence by phone.

Vietnam: Citizen will be able to report temporary absence via phone

Specifically, from July 1, 2021, people can declare temporary absence via phone, electronic means or other means as prescribed in Clause 3, Article 31 of Vietnam's Law on Residence 2020:

Article 31. Temporary absence declaration

3. The persons mentioned in Points c and d Clause 1 herein may declare their temporary absence in person at the premises of the registration authority of the locality where they reside or by the phone or electronic means or other means as stipulated by the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam. If a person provided for by Point d Clause 1 herein is a minor, either of their parents or their guardian shall make the declaration.

Thus, people can declare their temporary absence directly at the residence registration office where such person resides or by phone, electronic means or other means if falling into the following cases:

- The citizen is of military conscription age or fulfilling other obligations to the State as decided by the competent authority and leaves the district-level administrative unit where they are residing for 03 consecutive months or more;

- The citizen is not among the cases mentioned in Points a, b and c of Article 31 and leaves the commune-level administrative unit where their permanent residence is located for 12 consecutive months or more, unless they have registered their new place of residence as their temporary residence or go abroad.


- In the case of "departing from the commune-level administrative unit where he/she permanently resides for 12 consecutive months or more", he/she is a minor, the person making the declaration is the father, mother, or guardian.

- Contents of a declaration of temporary absence include: full name; personal identification number or ID card number; passport number of the person declaring temporary absence; reason for temporary absence; temporary absence; destination address.

Meanwhile, currently, in Article 32 of Vietnam's Law on Residence 2006, people are only allowed to declare their temporary absence at the police station of the commune, ward or town where they reside. When you come to declare your temporary absence, you must present your identity card and write it on the notice of temporary absence.


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