Upcoming: People do not need to register for residence by themselves in Vietnam

Below is a notable content specified in the Draft Circular elaborating a number of articles of the Law on Residence and the Decree detailing a number of articles of the Law on Residence.

, people will not necessarily need to register for residence by themselves (Illustration image).

Specifically, Article 3 of the Draft Circular stipulates: "The head of household or the person who requests for residence registration in accordance with the Law on Residence may authorize another person to do so; unless a person without a permanent or temporary place of residence declares information about his/her residence as prescribed in Article 19 of the Law on Residence, he/she may not authorize another person to do so."

The authorization to carry out the contents of residence registration must be made in writing and authenticated in accordance with the provisions of law. In case the authorized person is a member of the authorizer's household, the power of attorney is not required to be authenticated.

Note: In cases where the person requesting residence registration is not the father, mother, or guardian of the minor, a written authorization from the father, mother, or guardian of the minor is required.

The procedures for authentication of power of attorney are specified in Article 24 of Decree 23/2015/ND-CP, specifically:

1. Requesters for authentication of signatures must present the following papers, documents:

a) Originals or certified true copies of valid ID card or passport;

b) Papers and documents signed by themselves;

2. After carrying out the examination of the papers, documents submitted for authentication to find if they are adequate as prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article, to ensure requesters have a sound mind, be conscious and able to control their behaviors at the time of authentication and that the authentication is not defined in Article 25 hereof, the authenticating person shall ask the requester to sign signatures in public and do the followings:

a) Fully write testimonies for authentication of signatures according to the form as regulated;

b) Sign and write full name, affix seal of the agency that performs authentication and record it in the authentication book.

For papers, documents that have at least two pages, testimonies should be written in the last page, or have at least two sheets, a stamp must be affixed on its adjoining edges.

Details of the Draft Circular can be found HERE


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