Instructions on use of seals according to standards in agencies and organizations of Vietnam

Agencies, organizations and individuals that use their seals to affix their seals on documents and papers must follow the provisions of the law in Vietnam. So, what is the correct way to seal?

Vietnam's Decree 30/2020/ND-CP stipulates records management which takes effect from March 5, 2021. In which, instructions on specifications for each type of seal are as follows:

1. Signature seal

Signature seal is an imprint affixed to the signature of a person authorized to sign and issue a document, this is a seal that affirms the legal value of the document.

According to the provisions of Article 33 of Decree 30/2020/ND-CP, the signature stamp must ensure:

  • The imprint must be clear, neat, and in the right direction; use the correct red ink as prescribed;
  • Only seal the document signed by the competent person and make a copy of the document directly made by the agency or organization;

  • When sealing a signature, the stamp must cover about 1/3 of the signature to the left.

2. Chopping seals

Chopping seal is an imprint on the first page or the appendix issued together with the main document.

The chopping seal is done as follows:

  • On the first page, partially cover the name of the agency, organization, or appendix title;
  • The stamp must be clear, neat, oriented correctly, and use the prescribed red ink.

  • The hanging stamp, cross-border seal, and embossed stamp on paper documents shall be prescribed by the head of the agency or organization.

The hanging stamp on the document is to affirm that the document with the hanging stamp is a part of the main document. In fact, the hanging stamp is stamped on the left corner of the financial invoice or in the title of the appendix issued with the document.

3. Seal on adjoining edges

Seal on adjoining edges is a imprint used to close the left or right margin of a document with 2 or more sheets so that all sheets with information about the seal can ensure the authenticity of each document and prevent content changes. content, erroneous documents.

When sealing on adjoining edges, it must ensure the following requirements:

  • Close in the middle of the right edge of the document or text appendix, covering part of the sheets of paper;
  • The stamp must be clear, neat, correct and use the correct red ink ink as prescribed.

  • Stamp up to 05 sheets of documents.

In fact, sealing on documents by agencies and organizations is very common. However, not everyone knows how to seal properly. Individuals performing clerical work should pay attention to these regulations to ensure proper performance of their responsibilities.


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