From January 1, 2022, Vietnam's transport business vehicles without changing the yellow plate can be fined up to 8 million VND

According to Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA, vehicles of organizations and individuals are Transportation business with white number plates must change to yellow number plates before December 31, 2021. From January 1, 2022, if they do not change to yellow number plates, they will be fined up to 8 million VND.

From January 1, 2022, transportation business vehicles that do not change the yellow plate will be fined up to 8 million VND (Artwork)

In Clause 2, Article 26 of Vietnam's Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA, stipulating the deadline for vehicles operating in the transport business before August 1, 2020 to change to yellow background number plates, letters and black number before December 31, 2021.

Types of transport business vehicles in Vietnam

According to Decree 10/2020/ND-CP of Vietnam, there are the following types of transport business vehicles:

- Taxi;

- Passenger vehicles on fixed routes (intra-provincial, inter-provincial);

- Buses on fixed routes (intra-provincial, inter-provincial);

- Contracted passenger vehicles not on fixed routes;

- Cars carrying tourists.

Therefore, the time limit for granting and changing the yellow number plate for the above-mentioned transport business vehicle is less than 3 months.

Penalty for not changing the yellow plate in accordance with Vietnam's regulations

From 2022, vehicles operating in transportation business that do not change to yellow number plates with black letters and numbers will be penalized according to Point dd Clause 7 Article 30 of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP, specifically can be as follows:

A fine of from VND 2,000,000 to VND 4,000,000 for individuals, from VND 4,000,000 to VND 8,000,000 for organizations that own cars, tractors, special-use motorcycles and similar vehicles. cars do not comply with regulations on number plates.

Procedures for converting yellow number plates

- Vehicles operating in transport business that have been registered for a license plate with a white background, black letters and numbers, changed to a yellow background number plate, with black letters and numbers, submit 1 set of application documents for replacement to the Traffic Police Department. (Traffic Police), Road-Railway Traffic Police Division, Road Traffic Police Division of Public Security Bureaus of provinces and centrally run cities (collectively referred to as Traffic Police Department).

Records include:

+ Vehicle registration certificate according to the form.

+ Vehicle registration certificate.

+ Old license plate.

+ Identity card or household registration book of the vehicle owner. For Vietnamese people residing abroad, they can present their passport (which is still valid).

For the person authorized to handle vehicle registration procedures, in addition to the vehicle owner's documents above, they must also present a citizen identification card or identity card or diplomatic card or official identity card. (still valid for use).

- The time limit for granting and changing license plates will be implemented immediately after receiving valid vehicle registration documents (Clause 1, Article 4, Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA of Vietnam).

Traffic Police Department (Traffic Police) Road - Railway (PC08) Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said that they receive and change the yellow number plate from Monday to Sunday (during office hours, Saturday only in the afternoon).

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