Civil defense construction system in Vietnam

What is civil defense? What are the regulations on the civil defense construction system in Vietnam? - Hoang Hanh (Long An, Vietnam)

Civil defense construction system
Civil defense construction system (Image from the Internet)

1. What is civil defense?

According to Clause 1, Article 13 of the Law on National Defence 2018, civil defense is an integral part of the Homeland defense, including measures to prevent and repulse the dangers of war; prevent, repulse and mitigate the consequences of disasters, incidents, natural calamities and epidemics; protect the people, agencies, organizations and the national economy.

2. Tasks of the civil defence in Vietnam

According to Clause 2, Article 13 of the Law on National Defence 2018, the tasks of the civil defence shall include the followings:

- Formulate civil defense mechanisms and plans;

- Implement propaganda, educational, training, drilling and practice programs;

- Build a system of civil defence facilities;

- Set up a system for receiving, processing information, studying forecasts, warnings, notifications and alerts;

- Implement civil defence measures.

3. Civil defense construction system in Vietnam

The system of civil defense works according to Article 7 of Decree 02/2019/ND-CP is stipulated as follows:

- Building a system of civil defense that works at each level when there is a war must be associated with the military posture in the defensive area.

The appraisal and approval of the plan to build a system of civil defense works must comply with the government's regulations on defense areas and relevant laws.

- Building a system of civil defense works that must be combined in the service of economic, cultural, and social development; to fully utilize caves, terrain, semi-subterranean works, tunnels, and underground works as shelters for people, agencies, and organizations when disaster or war is imminent.

The state has policies to encourage domestic and foreign investors to build underground works to ensure dual-use.

The civil defense system includes the following components:

+ Forecast, warning, announcement and alarm works;

+ Works to prevent enemy fire from attacking with conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction;

+ Works of decoration and diversion;

+ Mobile road;

+ System of collective chemical prevention equipment;

+ Ventilation system with toxic filter;

+ System of dikes;

+ Irrigation reservoir system;

+ System of special-use forests for protection;

+ Anchoring area for ships to avoid storms;

+ System of national reserves;

+ Works to protect and store food, foodstuffs, water sources, medical drugs, supplies, and means to ensure the performance of civil defense tasks;

+ Works, means, and equipment for training and drills on war prevention, combat, and recovery, disaster response, search, and rescue

- Construction of civil defense works organization

+ On the basis of the Prime Minister's approved master plan for defense arrangements in conjunction with socioeconomic development, then:

The People's Committees of provinces and districts shall base themselves on the plan to build defense areas and the local economic capacity to direct the planning and organization of the construction of a system of civil defense works in association with the plan for building the military posture of the defense area of each locality;

- The Ministry of National Defense shall assume primary responsibility for, or coordinate with, guiding specifications and technical standards of various types of works to meet civil defense requirements, as well as guide the construction, management, maintenance, and protection of civil defense works in accordance with construction investment management law.

When the locality turns into a state of war, a state of national defense emergency, the works must be built under emergency orders to perform the functions, prevent, combat, and overcome the consequences of war by agencies, organizations, and people according to the government's regulations on the management of specific construction investments.

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