What is cold penalty? How to look up a vehicle with a cold fine?

In addition to direct sanctions at the time of traffic violations, traffic violations can also be subject to cold fines. So what is cold penalty? How can the violator look up the fined violation?

What is cold penalty?  How to look up a vehicle with a cold fine?

What is cold penalty? How to look up a vehicle with a cold fine? (Illustration)

1. What is a cold penalty?

Cold fine is a form of handling violations after the vehicle has violated a certain period of time. With this form of fine, the owner of the violating vehicle is not handled immediately after violating the law, but the image of the violation will be recorded by the camera system installed on the street and sent to the processing center. .

In addition to the data from the camera, the cold penalty mechanism can also be applied when there are documents that violate the provisions of Article 24 of Circular 65/2020/TT-BCA regulating the receipt and verification of information and images. reflect violations of road traffic order and safety provided by organizations or individuals or posted on mass media and social networks:

Accordingly, information and images reflecting violations of road traffic order and safety (hereinafter abbreviated as information and images) are received from the following sources:

- Record obtained with technical equipment of organizations or individuals (not professional technical means and equipment);

- Posting on mass media, social networks.

In case information and images reflect correctly, and it is determined that an administrative violation has been committed, the person with sanctioning competence shall make a record of the administrative violation and issue a sanctioning decision for the administrative violation. fall under their competence or report to a person with sanctioning competence in accordance with the law on handling of administrative violations.

2. How to look up cars with cold fines

2.1 Look up cold fines on the website of the Traffic Police Department

Step 1 : Visit the website of the Traffic Police Department at http://www.csgt.vn/

Step 2 : Select the item "Look up traffic violations through images" (located on the right side of the screen)

Step 3 : Enter the required information including the license plate number to check and select the type of vehicle (Car or motorbike).

Step 4 : Enter the security code (Cluster of alphanumeric characters next to the empty box)

Sometimes there is a situation that the security code cannot be entered, please read it many times, enter this alphanumeric character correctly.

Then, press Lookup to find the results.

Step 5 : The system will display the results:

- If your vehicle is not fined, the screen will display the words "No results found".

- If there is a violation, all information about the violation will be displayed.

2.2 Look up car fines on the website of the Vietnam Registry Department

Step 1 : Go  to the website of the Vietnam Register  at www.vr.org.vn.

Then go to the section " Motor vehicle for vehicle owner " in the Data lookup section on the right side of the screen.

Step 2 :  Enter complete information to perform the search.


+ For cars with 5-number plates: White plates add the letter T at the end, blue plates add X, yellow plates add V

+ Similar to the stamp number, the current certificate enters a "-" sign to separate letters and numbers.

Step 3:  Scroll down, the screen displays the notification of the authorities related to the vehicle at the bottom.

+ If the vehicle is fined, all information will be listed in the returned results.

+ If this section is blank, it means that the vehicle is not subject to a cold fine, the registration takes place normally.

+ If under this section appears a black box with information on handling violations inside, it means that this vehicle has not completed the cold payment and will be refused registration.

In addition, people can look up cold fines in a number of other ways such as:

- Look up on the website of the Department of Transport

However, this method only applies to provinces and cities that integrate cold fines lookup on websites such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Ba Ria - Vung Tau...

In Ho Chi Minh City, people can access the website http://www.Giaothong.hochiminhcity.gov.vn/tracuu/#home/VIPHAM to enter the required information to conduct the search.

- Look up cold fines by mobile application

People can use cold fines lookup applications on mobile phone applications. Cold fines lookup applications are supported to be installed on both Android and iOS platforms.


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