24 equipment to equip for traffic police to detect traffic violations in Vietnam

When controlling and handling traffic violations, the Traffic Police in Vietnam will be equipped with 24 vehicles and equipment to detect traffic violations.

24 equipments to equip for traffic police to detect traffic violations in Vietnam (Source: internet)

24 professional equipment used to detect administrative violations of road traffic order and safety in Vietnam include:

1. Length measuring equipment

2. Weighter to check the load of motor vehicles.

3. Vehicle speed measurement equipment with image recording

4. Equipment to measure the alcohol concentration in the breath.

5. Video and audio recorder

6. Distance measuring equipment for two moving vehicles

7. Satellite positioning measurement equipment

8. drug measuring and testing apparatus

9. Radiation measuring device.

10. Chemical marking equipment.

11. Compressed air pressure measuring equipment

12. Equipment to measure the brake efficiency of motor vehicles.

13. Noise measuring equipment

14. Volume meter.

15. Exhaust gas concentration measuring equipment

16. Smoke measuring device

17. Light intensity measuring device.

18. Equipment to measure the angle of the steering wheel of motor vehicles and special-use motorcycles.

19. Fake papers and document detector.

20. The device gathers information from the surveillance device.

21. Data extraction equipment for cameras mounted on business transport vehicles.

22. Monitoring and handling system for traffic, order and safety violations; camera system to monitor security, order and traffic management.

23. Field scanner kit.

24. Computers and tablets store results collected from professional technical means and equipment.

(List I promulgated together with Vietnam's Decree 135/2021/ND-CP)

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