11 cases of recalling sleepers and license plates in Vietnam

When registering a vehicle in Vietnam, the vehicle owner will be issued with a parrot and a license plate. However, in the process of using the vehicle, if it falls into the following 11 cases, the license plate and the license plate will be revoked.

11 cases of recalling sleepers and license plates (Artwork)

1. The case of recalling sleepers and license plates in Vietnam

Vehicles in Vietnam must have their car seats and license plates revoked in the following cases:

- The vehicle is damaged and cannot be used or the vehicle is destroyed due to objective reasons.

- Remove engine, frame to replace another vehicle.

- Vehicles temporarily imported by foreign agencies, organizations or individuals are re-exported or transferred in Vietnam.

- Vehicles exempted from import tax, now transferred to another purpose.

- Vehicles registered at special economic-commercial zones or international border-gate economic zones according to the Government's regulations when re-exporting or transferring into Vietnam.

- Vehicle is stolen, appropriation cannot be found, the vehicle owner requests to revoke the vehicle registration certificate.

- Vehicle has expired; the vehicle is not allowed to circulate in accordance with the law; The vehicle has the conclusion of the competent authority that the engine number, chassis number or engine number or chassis number have been cut, welded or chiseled.

- Vehicles registered but not in accordance with the license plate system specified in Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA.

- Vehicles subject to title transfer or ownership transfer.

- Military vehicles no longer need to issue civilian license plates.

- The vehicle has been registered but found that the vehicle records are fake or the license plate is not issued in accordance with regulations.

2. Order of recalling parrots and license plates in Vietnam

2.1. Order of recalling veal, license plate directly at the vehicle registration agency of Vietnam

- Step 1: The vehicle owner or an authorized individual or service organization submits the vehicle registration certificate and license plate number to the agency in accordance with regulations.

In case the vehicle has lost its vehicle registration certificate or license plate or both its vehicle registration certificate and license plate, the vehicle owner must have: A written statement clearly stating the reason for the loss.

- Step 2: Officers and soldiers in charge of vehicle registration receive information and revoke registration certificates and license plates on the system and return the revocation certificates according to regulations.

2.2. Order of recalling eggplants and license plates online

The order and procedures for revoking the registration certificate, expired license plate, or damaged vehicle cannot be used on the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security, the National Public Service Portal as follows:

- Step 1: Agencies, organizations and individuals who are vehicle owners or current vehicle users log in to the public service portal and declare vehicle and vehicle information in the Certificate of revocation of vehicle registration and license plates. electronic (according to form No. 09A/58);

- Step 2: The vehicle owner directly submits or uses the public postal service to deliver the vehicle registration certificate and license plate to the vehicle registration agency or the commune-level police station where the agency, organization or individual is located. individuals with headquarters or permanent residence to receive results and authenticate the revocation of vehicle registration and license plates from the vehicle registration agency or the commune-level police station on the public service portal.

Legal basis: Articles 15, 16 of Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA; Clause 4, Article 3 of Circular 15/2022/TT-BCA.

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