Vietnam: Urgent support to avoid kindergarten dissolved due to COVID-19

Below is one of the important tasks set out by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam specified in Dispatch 3676/BGDĐT-GDMN on guidelines for tasks for the school year 2021-2022 for preschool education (ECE).

Vietnam: Urgent support to avoid kindergarten dissolved due to COVID-19 (Artwork)

Specifically, the Official Dispatch stated that localities should urgently review and make statistics on the damage of ECE institutions in the area affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, especially people-founded and private ECCE institutions.

From there, advise the authorities at all levels to have solutions to overcome difficulties to maintain the operation of the unit, support the affected teachers, and avoid the situation of teachers leaving their jobs and the dissolution of ECE institutions.

In addition, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam proposed to continue to review and arrange the network of ECE institutions in the spirit of Resolution 19/NQ-TW and Official Dispatch 3712/BGDT-CSVC dated August 24, 2018, advising the Party committee: local government plans to arrange arrangements in accordance with the provisions of law and scale of development; do not merge preschools into general schools; ensure children's right of going to school; ensure that each commune and ward has at least one public preschool.

Actively advise local authorities to pay attention to prioritizing land for ECE institutions, investing in facilities to ensure the ratio of 1 classroom/class; the number of children/groups, and classes as prescribed in the charter of the preschool; and having sufficient teaching equipment, utensils, and toys at least as prescribed.

Improving the efficiency of planning and allocating land funds for the construction of ECE institutions, especially in densely populated areas, industrial parks, and export processing zones, and continuing to develop private and private ECE establishments to reduce pressure on public preschools.

In order to develop a contingent of administrators and preschool teachers, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam requires units to continue to strengthen management work and improve teacher ethics; conduct training to improve professional capacity for administrators and preschool teachers to ensure quality. At the same time, effectively implement the code of conduct in preschool educational institutions.

In particular, continue to advise all levels to ensure a sufficient number of teachers in the spirit of "having students, there must be teachers in class." Preschool education institutions must arrange to ensure that at least 2 teachers per class; pre-school educational institutions in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions must ensure adequate staffing of teachers to teach 2 sessions/day as prescribed.

Strengthening inspection and supervision of preschool educational institutions in the implementation of regulations on a safe, healthy, friendly educational environment and the prevention of school violence. In particular, strictly handle violating organizations and individuals. collaborating closely in the administration of non-public preschool educational institutions; firmly suspending independent groups of children, kindergartens, and preschool classes that fail to meet the prescribed conditions

No online teaching for preschool children

The Official Dispatch stated that while preschool children have not been to school to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, schools absolutely do not organize online teaching for preschool children. Instead, it is necessary to maintain connections with families and children through appropriate communication channels and form online groups between teachers and parents to share and advise on nurturing care and education.

For 5-year-old preschool children, select core and necessary contents, and guide parents to educate children at home in accordance with family conditions in order to prepare children to be ready for school.

When children return to school, the preschool educational institution shall select necessary educational content suitable to the remaining time of the school year; guide teachers to proactively adjust educational plans to suit the abilities of children in the class; help children achieve goals and expected results at the end of their age according to the preschool education program; ensure 5-year-old preschoolers complete the program at the end of the school year.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Official Dispatch 3676/BGDT-GDMN issued on August 26, 2021.

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