Vietnam: Procedures for receiving seniority allowances for retired teachers who have not yet received it

On February 25, 2021, Vietnam Social Security issued Decision 222/QD-BHXH on the announcement of administrative procedures to be replaced or annulled within its competence, the Vietnam Social Insurance, which guides the procedure for receiving benefits for retired teachers who have not yet received seniority allowance, February 25, 2021, as follows:

Vietnam: Procedures for receiving seniority allowances for retired teachers who have not yet received it (Illustration)

Application form for seniority allowances for retired teachers who have not yet received it

(1) Application and the procedures

Step 1: Complete and submit your application.

The beneficiary or the beneficiary's relative shall make a dossier consisting of the dossier components mentioned in item (3) below and submit the application to the social insurance agency that is paying the pension, social insurance allowance, or place of residence.

Step 2: The social insurance agency receives the dossier and settles it according to regulations.

Step 3: Obtain the resolution outcome

Beneficiaries or employees' relatives receive the decision on allowance entitlement according to Decree 14/2020/ND-CP (if the dossier is fully qualified for settlement) and the allowance.

The written reply clearly states the reason for not being settled (if the application is not sufficient, the application is incorrect).

(2) Forms of implementation

*** Submit:

Beneficiaries or beneficiaries' relatives shall submit dossiers in one of the following forms:

- Directly at the social insurance agency/HCC Service Centers at all levels.

- Via the public postal service.

- E-transactions: individuals register to receive authentication codes and send electronic documents to the Vietnam Social Insurance Portal or through I-VAN (if they have registered to use I-VAN services); in case the paper dossiers are not converted to electronic format, the paper dossiers shall be sent to the social insurance agency via postal service.

*** Get settlement results:

Beneficiary or relative of the beneficiary:

- Relevant documents: in the registered form. (directly at the social insurance agency/HCC Service Center at all levels, or through the public postal service, or via electronic transactions).

- Allowance:

+Directly at the social insurance agency, or through the public postal service, or through a personal account.

+ If the beneficiary authorizes another person to receive the payment on his behalf, follow the procedure outlined in the "Authorization to Receive Social Insurance and Unemployment Benefits" or provide the original of the authorization contract, as required by law.

+ In case the beneficiary's relatives (the authorized person) do not directly receive the allowance, the relatives who are the authorizers are requested to change the authorized person in the Power of Attorney according to Form No. 03 to conform to the form of authorization. original rights under the law.

(3) Components of the application (If the original is not specified, a valid copy can be submitted).

-For teachers who are on pension: the original declaration of request for allowance (form No. 01).

For teachers who are eligible for benefits, have not yet received their benefits and die on January 1, 2012 or later, the dossier includes:

+ The original of the family member's claim form (Form 02).

Bring the copy of the death certificate or death notice or court decision declaring that he is dead (bring the main desk for comparison).

+ Original Power of Attorney (Form 03) (this power of attorney is not required if there is only one relative).

Number of records: 1 set

(4) Processing deadlines: up to 12 working days from the date the social insurance agency receives the complete dossier as prescribed.


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