The schedule and content of the National Chess Tournament for high school students in 2022 in Vietnam

Issued by the Minister of Education and Training Decision 1170/QD-BGDĐT in 2022 on the Competition Rules National high school students chess in 2022 - TOTA Cup. Accordingly, regulations on reward and discipline, instructions for registration of competitions and milestones of chess tournaments are as follows:

Regulations on registration for national high school graduation ceremony in 2022?

Pursuant to Article 8 of the Charter issued together with Decision No. 1170/QD-BGDDT dated 2022 on registration for participation in square flag interpretation as follows:

- Register the list of square athletes at website address:

- The Organization and Personnel Committee shall only receive the registration for participation in the online interpretation according to the form(Form\1601Aand Form 1B)., The registration form must bear the seal of the school.

- All detailed information on the Explanation and Training Regulations shall be contacted with the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee via the telephone number: 0981156888 or 0912186911.

What is the same as the regulations on commendation and disciplinary actions to deal with national happiness of high school in 2022?

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Charter issued together with Decision No. 1170/QD-BGDDT dated 2022 

- Rewarding

+ The Ministry of Education and Training shall issue the certificate to all the candidates who participate in the final round; the certificate of achievement to the affiliates who are rated Nhat, Theory and Ba in the final round.

+ Awarding the medal of Gold, Silver, and Dong medals and prizes for students who achieve the first, second and third grade in the final round;

+ Give pennant to encourage 20 units with strong flag movement in the life cycle;

- Discipline all the candidates who violate the provisions of the Explanation Charter, depending on the seriousness of their violations, and at the same time send a written proposal to the People's Committee of the province/city for taking disciplinary actions against the violators.

The schedule and content of the National Chess Tournament for high school students in 2022 in Vietnam

Guidance on the national milestone applicable to pupils of high school in 2022

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Annex enclosed with Decision No. 1170/QD-BGDDT in 2022, providing instructions on time and contents of the auction as follows:

- Before May 31, 2022, Ministry of Education and Training shall officially announce the list of qualified candidates;

- Before June 30, 2022, the Subdepartment of Education and Training shall send the certification results of the two-level hostility teams (Tiểu học, THCS) and the list of athletes that have won the first, second and third grade grade prizes to the bureau on the website of the Ambassador (

- Before July 31, 2022, Departments of Education and Training shall send the certification result to 02 challenge teams at level (Tieu.

- Before August 31, 2022 announces the national result of the general global life, sessions in information provision and announces written instructions to 16 members participating in the Award's statue;

- The expected date of September 3, 2022, the extra-sense and television organized directly on the final review and conference ceremony in Hanoi.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education and Training officially launched the SOP TOTA banner for students of general education schools in 2022. Accordingly, provincial-level Education and Training Services shall coordinate in organizing the formation of provincial-level athlete teams to attend the tours.

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