The process of creating high school graduation exam questions

High school graduation exam in 2022: How is the process of building exam questions conducted?

According to Clause 7 Article 17 Regulations on high school graduation exams issued together with Circular 15/2020/TT-BGDĐT (amended by Clause 7 Article 1 of Circular 05/2021/TT-BGDĐT), the process of creating The high school graduation exam is conducted as follows:

- Drafting, evaluating and refining exam questions and answers; Particularly for the essay exam, there are additional marking instructions: The team that makes the exam is responsible for implementing the exam/subject assigned to it, ensuring the requirements specified in Article 15 of this Regulation for the topic. official exam and preparatory exam. Particularly for multiple-choice exams: The secretary uses software to randomly draw multiple-choice questions from the exam question bank in the direction of standardization built in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, and transfer them to the Team Leaders to issue the test questions. with the witness of the Chairman of the Examination Council and the Team Leaders of the exam questions) as a reference source for drafting the exam questions;

- Reviewing exam questions: According to the assignment of the Chairman of the Examination Council, the examiner is responsible for reading, solving the exam questions and evaluating the exam questions according to the requirements specified in Article 15 of this Regulation and the propose a plan to revise and correct the exam questions if necessary; Evaluation opinions of the examiner shall be reported to the Chairman of the Examination Council, which will serve as a basis for the Chairman of the Council to issue the exam questions for reference in the process of approving the exam questions;

- Completing the exam questions: Based on the opinions of the exam reviewers, all members of the test team together refine and complete the exam questions, sign and submit the exam questions to the Chairman of the Council, approve. Particularly for multiple-choice test questions, after being approved by the Chairman of the Council that issues the test, the secretary mixes the test questions into many different test questions and sends them to the Team to issue the test questions; all members of the test-making team review each test code and answer; After that, the Team Leader issues the test questions to sign and submit to the Chairman of the Council for approval to print copies.

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