Students from 3rd to 12th grade "required" to learn Korean in Vietnam: Things you need to know

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Decision 712/QD-BGDĐT promulgating the General Education Program in Korean and German - Foreign Language 1, 10-year pilot system. In which there were many opinions, the article said that from February 9, 2021, students from grades 3 to 12 are required to learn Korean and German. However, this statement is not correct.

Students from 3rd to 12th grade "required" to learn Korean in Vietnam:Things you need to know (artwork).

Specifically, in the General Education Program for Korean and German-Foreign Languages 1, the 10-year pilot system promulgated together with Vietnam's Decision 712/QD-BGDT, the Ministry of Education and Training ò Vietnam clearly stated that Korean language-Foreign language 1 is a compulsory subject in the high school curriculum, taught from grade 3 to grade 12.

With the above "compulsory" phrase, there have been many opinions misunderstanding the regulations and saying that the Ministry of Education and Training requires students in grades 3 to 12 to learn Korean from the upcoming school year, making many parents, students, and even students interested in learning Korean. The teachers were very confused. On the morning of March 4, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Director of the Secondary Education Department (Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam) said that this information is completely wrong and the nature of the problem.

Mr. Thanh said that the word "compulsory" does not mean that Korean or German will become compulsory subjects, but that this word is used to supplement the meaning of the phrase "Foreign Language 1".

According to current regulations, Foreign Language 1 is a compulsory subject in the general program. Students can choose one of the languages identified as Foreign Language 1 without being rigidly required to study Korean or Korean. Virtue

Previously, the General Education Program issued together with Vietnam's Decision 16/2006/QD-BGDT dated May 5, 2006, allowed students to choose one of four foreign languages: English, Russian, French, or Chinese (and now piloting Korean and German) as a first foreign language.

In 2011, the Ministry of Education and Training added regulations on Japanese being taught and studied in high schools as a first or second foreign language, depending on the needs and choices of localities and schools.

With the promulgation of 02 more languages (Korean and German) to the list of Foreign Language 1 subjects, now Foreign Language 1 will have 07 languages including: English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and German. Therefore, schools will be required to choose to teach one of the seven languages mentioned above.

Therefore, the fact that there is a lot of information that from February 9, 2021, students from grades 3 to 12 are required to learn Korean and German completely misunderstands the regulations. Readers, especially parents, students, and teachers, need to carefully read the law before receiving the information to avoid misunderstanding the problem.

According to the Program attached to Decision 712, the Korean Language Program is implemented with a total length of 1155 periods (including the number of periods of review, examination, and assessment according to the General Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training), in which the period The teaching stage at level 1 has a total of 420 periods; the teaching phase at level 2 has a total of 420 periods; and the stage teaching at level 3 has a total of 315 periods.


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