Solutions for online teaching and learning in primary school in Vietnam

On August 26, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 3663/BGDĐT-GDTH sent to localities on elaborating primary education tasks in the school year 2021-2022.

Solutions for online teaching and learning in primary school in Vietnam (Illustration)

Accordingly, the Official Dispatch states that during the time when students cannot go to school to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, the Departments of Education and Training of Vietnam direct and guide educational institutions to organize the implementation of the following solutions:

For 1st and 2nd grade students:

- Educational institutions select necessary content and actively contact and guide students' parents to coordinate in organizing educational activities suitable to local conditions, schools, and families, in order to prepare students to enter grade 1 and maintain learning for students in grade 2.

Educational institutions actively survey and capture full information about students in grades 1 and 2 in the area to advise local authorities to have timely support plans; suitable for students with difficulties, families unable to support learning while at home.

Be ready for a face-to-face teaching scenario when students return to school and have a separate reinforcement plan for struggling students.

- Organize online teaching in a flexible form, suitable for age psychology for students in grades 1 and 2. During the implementation process, educational institutions must ensure the following conditions: facilities, information technology infrastructure, software systems, and online teaching materials;

Teachers are guided to use the software, have the necessary skills when organizing online teaching;

Students' parents are informed of the class schedule, instructions for use, and preparation of conditions to be ready to coordinate with teachers to support students in the process of online learning at home.

- For the timetable when teaching online, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam instructs to arrange science, ensure a reasonable ratio between subjects, and make a reasonable allocation of teaching time during the lesson/session. The time of the day and week to organize the study should be suitable for the psychology and physiology of the student's age, without putting pressure on the students.

- Priority is given to teaching Vietnamese and Math to ensure that students develop the reading, writing, speaking, listening, calculation, and basic skills needed initially as prescribed. The school arranges learning topics, uses electronic data warehouses attached to textbooks to identify content that can be taught online.

- In case of ineligibility to organize online teaching as prescribed, the educational institution shall coordinate with the student's parents to implement the tele-learning solution by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam Television Station. Currently, the educational institutions are helping grade 1 students learn Vietnamese rhymes.

- From September 6, channel VTV7 will broadcast live the "Teaching Vietnamese Grade 1" section at 14:30'-15:00' every Monday to Saturday; it is also saved on VTVgo app, Youtube channel VTV7, and web portal so that schools can coordinate with families to organize for students to study at appropriate time frames and methods.

- The educational institution guides teachers to send lectures in the category "Teaching Vietnamese for Grade 1" to students' parents and cooperates in guiding them to actively study at home in accordance with the time frame, conditions, and responsiveness of the student's family.

- In parallel with using the lecture repository in the category "Teaching Vietnamese for grade 1", the Departments of Education and Training actively organize the construction of a shared repository of lectures for other subjects. The Provincial People's Committee Advisory Department directs to broadcast this lecture archive on local television stations (provincial and district levels) with an appropriate time frame to create convenient conditions for students' parents to guide and support students in learning through television. The Department of Education and Training sends teachers to schools for teachers to send to students' parents to coordinate and guide them to actively study at home in accordance with the time frame, conditions, and ability of the student's family.

For 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.

- Effectively use the available scientific materials and organize the building of supplementary materials to be ready to organize teaching with appropriate plans for each subject in the context of complicated epidemic developments, ensuring practicality. It follows the motto of "suspend from going to school but not stop learning" of the education sector.

- The educational institution arranges learning topics, identifies the content that can be taught online or guided for students to study on their own. The school organizes online teaching and learning via television, ensuring the required requirements of the program, suitable to the actual conditions of the educational institution, the teacher's skills, and the ability to absorb and understand psychological characteristics of the age group of students.

- Pursuant to the official letter guiding the development of educational plans for schools to implement the Primary Education Program of the Ministry of Education and Training, rationally apply the guidelines for adjusting teaching content according to Vietnam's Official Dispatch 1125/BGDDT-GDTH. Educational institutions shall adjust and develop school education plans, subject education plans, streamline and teach core contents accordingly.

- In the event that the time frame of the school year 2021–2022 specified in Vietnam's Decision 2551/QD-BGDDT is not enough to implement the educational program or plan, the educational institutions shall summarize and send it to the Department of Education and Training so that they can report to the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam to propose a plan to adjust the time frame of the school year 2021–2022 in accordance with the actual situation in the locality.

Bao Ngoc


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